Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
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Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidant and disinfectant, which is produced by electrolysis without diaphragm, which is derived from a wide range of inexpensive industrial salts or dilute solutions of seawater. To ensure the freshness and high activity of sodium hypochlorite. To ensure the disinfection effect, the device will add the generated sodium hypochlorite while generating. It has the same oxidizing and disinfecting properties as chlorine and chlorine compounds.

This device is mainly used for the treatment of bacteria-containing sewage in hospitals, the treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater from electroplating, and also for the disinfection of swimming pools, drinking water, domestic sewage, the environment of food processing plants, and disinfection of tableware and drinking utensils in restaurants and public canteens. .

With the development of my country's four modernizations, this small chlorine generation device will surely play an important role in my country's environmental protection projects, water treatment and disinfection processes, etc.