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  • Technology of electrolyzed water ice preservation in aquatic products

    Electrolyzed water ice preservation combines the low temperature advantages of ordinary ice, and can also take advantage of the rapid and broad-spectrum killing of microorganisms by electrolyzed water. It is an excellent solution for the preservation of aquatic products.

  • Electrolyzed water technology upgrades the clean vegetable industry

    Clean vegetables is also called fresh sterilized vegetables, which is a product made by vacuum packaging of newly picked vegetables after finishing (such as removing inedible parts, cutting, etc.), washing, and disinfecting in a sterile environment.

  • Slightly acidic electrolyzed water's introduction and application

    Acidic electrolyzed water is an emerging new type of disinfectant. It is electrolyzed water with disinfection and sterilization function obtained by electrolyzing salt or dilute hydrochloric acid in a special device. According to the difference of pH and effective chlorine concentration, it can be divided into strong acid electrolyzed water and slightly acid electrolyzed water.

  • Hydrogen effects after entering the human body

    For healthy people, the reaction brought about by these changes is very slight, and there is basically no obvious feeling. However, the current hydrogen applications are more faced by people suffering from various diseases. The sick human body is very fragile and complicated. After hydrogen enters the human body, it will bring about very diverse externalities due to different types of diseases and physical conditions.

  • Hydrogen's safety

    The first thing that needs to be solved is its safety to the human body. This is a problem we have repeatedly emphasized when we introduce hydrogen. Regarding the above-mentioned problems in the use of hydrogen, our greatest confidence comes from diving hyperbaric medicine, as early as 80 years ago.

  • Hydrogen's nature and use

    As the smallest molecule in nature, hydrogen is flexible and highly penetrating. It has low solubility in water and is easy to escape. (These characteristics determine that the amount of hydrogen dissolved is limited, and it needs to be placed in an aluminum alloy container after dissolution, otherwise It is difficult to maintain a stable hydrogen concentration in the water for a long time).

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