Hypochlorous Acid Disinfection Machine
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Hypochlorous Acid Disinfection Machine

The new crown epidemic that occurred at the end of 2019 made people realize the importance of disinfection. Among them, hypochlorous acid disinfectant has received great attention due to its safety, high efficiency, broad-spectrum sterilization, and wide application range.

However, hypochlorous acid is a new type of disinfectant, and the public's awareness of it is relatively low, and the concepts of acidic oxidizing potential water, slightly acidic electrolyzed water, slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water, etc. are the same as hypochlorous acid disinfectants. Relevance, there are differences.

The main components of electrolyzed acidic water, slightly acidic electrolyzed water, and slightly acidic hypochlorous water are hypochlorous acid. In order to let the public have a better understanding of this knowledge, we will take hypochlorous acid as the starting point and make detailed descriptions introduce.