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Hydrogen Water Beauty Instrument

Hydrogen Water Beauty Instrument is called Portable Beauty Sterilizing Water Machine abroad. The hydrogen-rich water beauty instrument uses the high reduction of hydrogen-rich water to accelerate the restoration of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer of the skin to slow down the generation of wrinkles and spots on the skin. Worse, use the small molecule properties of hydrogen-rich water to accelerate the penetration of the cortical layer to replenish the skin and slow down the skin's tightness and peeling caused by lack of water. The pH of hydrogen-rich water is neutral, which is suitable for all sensitive skin types. Avoid the allergic reaction of sensitive skin to the beauty water and the regret that it can not be maintained for years and hurts.


Ultra-fine particles bubbles: The generated ultra-fine particles bubbles and natural surfactant ingredients can completely remove the old waste materials in the deep pores and bacteria in the cutin, keep the moisture in the pores for a long time, and have a significant effect on skin moisturizing and improving skin diseases. Ultrafine particles decompose general water into nanoparticles of 5 (micro length) or less, which are off-white bubbles that cannot be discerned by the naked eye. The bubble size is much smaller than the size of 25 (micron) pores and can penetrate deep into the pores. It removes old waste materials and keratin in the pores, and can also produce high-tech bubbles that can significantly improve beauty and skin diseases through oxygen supply, water replenishment and sterilization effects.

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