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Xi'an Qinhuang Intelligent Co., LTD
Xi’an Qinhuang Water
We're an electrolyzed water service company established to develop domestic and international markets and learn from international advanced operating experience and marketing concepts. It integrates sales, installation, commissioning and service. 
A professional electrolyzed water equipment manufacturer and electrolyzed water technology service provider with the advantage of living alone in the world.Founded in 1992, Qinhuang water has nearly 30 years of experience in the water electrolysis industry, and has a complete product development, technical service, spare parts production and finished product supply system. It is a complete domestic production chain of titanium electrodes, electrolysis cells and water electrolysis machines. 

Quality Control

Qinhuanghuanyu only produces electrolyzed water, and it is our goal to be specialized, refined, bigger and stronger. One-stop service, from parts replacement to finished product maintenance.