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MMO Titanium Electrode

Titanium electrode is a key component in the water electrolysis machine, and the quality of the metal electrode directly affects the quality of the water machine. How to choose electrodes should be reasonably selected according to different working properties. In the field of water treatment, metal electrodes must have the following basic requirements: 

1. Have good electrical conductivity. 

2. Strong corrosion resistance. 

3. Good mechanical strength and processing performance. 

4. Long working life. 

5. Have good electrocatalytic performance, etc. 

The characteristics of the anode are: 

1. Titanium has the characteristics of light specific gravity, good strength, corrosion resistance and good performance, especially the anti-moisture chlorine performance is unmatched by other metal materials. For example, when there is a small amount of chloride ions in the electrolysis of water, the stainless steel plate will be pitted quickly, which will shorten the life of the electrode, but titanium does not have these problems. 

2. Due to the addition of various platinum group precious metals in the coating, it has high current efficiency, good electrical conductivity, good electrocatalytic performance, strong oxidation resistance, long working life and energy saving. 

3. Has a very good reversal performance.