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Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

QH-300C/600C is equipped world advanced SPE technology ( solid polymer electrolyte), also called PEM( Proton Exchange Membrane). Through electrolysis of pure water, it produces high purity hydrogen reaching upwards of 99.99%. One machine is suited for several applications: Inhalation; Making hydrogen rich water; skin treatment etc...

QH-300C/600C are advanced digital type machine. With large English digital screen, display H2 flow, using time and water level condition. Touch screen button, microcomputer automatically control, very easy operation. H2 flow adjustable at random QH-300C: 0--300ml/min, QH-600C: 0--600ml/min. Using time can set from 0--99hours, 0--60mins. Also have short of water alarm function. Whole machine outside is made high quality ABS plastic. Streamline design, portable to take. Due to our 30 years production experience, these durable machines will continue to produce hydrogen for 5--10 years trouble-free.

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