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About Us

Xi’an Qinhuang Water is an electrolyzed water service company established by Baoji Xinyu to develop domestic and international markets and learn from international advanced operating experience and marketing concepts. It integrates sales, installation, commissioning and service. A professional electrolyzed water equipment manufacturer and electrolyzed water technology service provider with the advantage of living alone in the world.

Founded in 1992, Baoji Xinyu has nearly 30 years of experience in the water electrolysis industry, and has a complete product development, technical service, spare parts production and finished product supply system. 
  • Health
    Focus on research on water for human health, hydrogen-rich ionized water makes people healthy, young and full of vitality.
  • Fashion
    Focus on customer experience, develop and produce fashionable and popular electrolyzed aquatic products.
  • Intelligent
    All water electrolysis machines adopt high-performance embedded industrial microprocessors, which are highly intelligent and one-button operation is convenient and stable.
  • Safety
    The production and use of all electrolyzed aquatic products are safe and reliable, and are beneficial to the health of the audience.
  • Environmental protection
    All electrolyzed aquatic product materials are environmentally friendly and healthy, and all equipment has low energy consumption and long service life.

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Our Advantage


Qinhuanghuanyu only produces electrolyzed water,and it is our goal to be specialized, refined, bigger and stronger.


Have independent research and development and production capabilities, master the core technology of electrolyzed water, and have a number of patents.


One-stop service, from parts replacement to finished product maintenance


Master the core technology, from electrode products to water machine products, 30 years of experience in electrolysis of water

News & Events

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Filling line for bottled hypochlorous acid disinfection water production

Due to the continuation of the epidemic, the new crown pneumonia has spread globally for a long time, causing great harm and loss to people all over the world. Every citizen should raise their own safety awareness, disinfect them in time every day, and do a good job of sanitation.

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Hydrogen-rich water in medical field

The research on hydrogen-rich water dates back to 2007. Ohsawa et al. found that H2 can selectively neutralize peroxynitrite anions (ONOO -) and hydroxyl radicals (·OH), and remove excess reactive oxygen species (ROS). , Which can alleviate the oxidative damage caused by cerebral ischemia.

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International symposium on hydrogen molecular

The 2021 6th Guangzhou International Hydrogen Molecular Medicine Development and Hydrogen Industry Technology Exchange Summit Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Hydrogen Industry Summit Forum) was grandly held in Guangzhou Nanfeng Langham Place Hotel.

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Why choose Qinhuang alkaline water machine

Qinhuang Multifunctional Water Ionizer can be used freely in different water quality and different standards of the power supplies.


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