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Qinhuang Water Quality Control Guidelines

The quality of the product is related to the life and death of the enterprise.
Quality management originates from quality inspection. Quality inspection develops with the development of quality management, and quality inspection is always an important part of quality management. The quality inspection work of the enterprise shoulders the functions of identification, check, prevention, reporting and supervision closely related to product quality, and plays an important quality assurance role in the whole process of product quality generation, formation and realization.
As the executor of quality inspection - a qualified inspector, plays an irreplaceable and important role in the production activities of the enterprise. While continuously improving the professional level and personal quality, we must also be a good quality propagandist and technical counselor for the workers. Walk into the front line of production, and promote the idea of "quality first" at any time, guide and help production workers to analyze quality and solve quality problems. While completing daily work, inspectors should strengthen communication with production and technical personnel.
The so-called total quality management is a management approach that is centered on quality and based on the participation of all employees, aiming to achieve long-term success by benefiting customers and all relevant parties. The ISO9001 quality management standard that has attracted worldwide attention is based on total quality Management theory and method based. Qinhuang Water has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification.
Total quality management emphasizes "three complete" management
Quality management with full participation
① Training and education of all staff;
② Clear responsibilities, authorities and interfaces;
③ Carry out various forms of mass quality management activities;
④ Rewards and punishments are clearly defined.