The effects of hydrogen rich water
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The effects of hydrogen rich water

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The effect of hydrogen-rich water

1、 Antioxidant and anti-aging properties

If the body wants to operate, it must generate energy by oxidation. At this time, free radicals will occur, just like automobile exhaust when starting the automobile engine. A small amount of free radicals is beneficial to the human body. It can kill necrotic cells in the body and eliminate foreign bacteria. However, excessive free radicals are destructive to the body. Its principle is like the relationship between the grassland and the wolf. There are a small number of wolves on the grassland that can stimulate the running of sheep, help sheep to strengthen their physique and promote ecological harmony on the grassland. However, if the number of wolves on the grassland soars, the wolves will never be able to eat enough and will always be in a state of extreme hunger. They will frantically attack sheep, humans and all animals, and eventually lead to the paralysis and death of the entire grassland system.

The free radicals generated in the healthy state of the human body kill the necrotic cells in the body on the one hand, and make the human body slowly age naturally. In fact, they will not cause diseases. However, the living environment, lifestyle and diet of modern people, such as environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, work pressure, irregular work and rest time, irritability, food pollution, water pollution, etc., cause excessive production of free radicals in the human body, It is far beyond the range that the body can bear. Excessive free radicals are generated in all parts of the body and run around the body, causing crazy damage wherever they go.

Scientists have confirmed that free radicals are related to at least a hundred diseases. To eliminate free radicals, it is necessary to enhance the body's antioxidant capacity, provide free radicals with the "food" - electrons they need, and convert them into water beneficial to the body after they get electrons.

Hydrogen can assist other antioxidants!

First, suppose that hydrogen can help other antioxidants. So far, vitamins and antioxidants have been able to reduce reactive oxygen species. So, what will happen to vitamins and antioxidants after that?

In fact, they will be oxidized while reducing each other. In a sense, it means sacrificing hydrogen water tea pot - qinhuangwater

However, the oxidized vitamins and antioxidant substances will in turn oxidize other substances, which will bring undesirable effects to the body. That is, the source of disease.

Therefore, some mechanisms of action must be used to restore them to vitamins and antioxidant substances with original reducing ability.

Hydrogen continuously provides electrons in the human body, so it can reduce these oxidized vitamins and antioxidant substances. In short, hydrogen not only removes reactive oxygen species, but also helps promote the recycling of the original antioxidant substances in the human body, which can improve vitality and immunity.

2、 Promote energy metabolism.

In fact, energy ATP is necessary for human activities. When young, 60 megacells produce 50 kg or 60 kg of ATP every day. However, the number of human cells at the age of 20 is at its peak, and then decreases at a rate of 1 billion cells per day, that is, 300-400 billion cells a year. After the age of 40, there are about 53 trillion, and after the age of 60, there are about 45 trillion. The cells are reduced and cannot produce the same ATP again. Even if the brain thinks it is OK, it can not satisfy the body due to lack of energy, so it will feel "fatigue".

In a word, "the real reason for aging" is that "ATP decreases with the decrease of cells in the body". And the reduced cells cannot be reduced. If we want to be as energetic as when we were young, we can only increase the ATP production rate of each cell through various activities. However, so far, it seems impossible to do this. However, it is the negative hydrogen ion that produces ATP due to its interaction with NAD. Therefore, if negative hydrogen ions can be made up from the outside, it will make things impossible possible. In the inner membrane of mitochondria, under the action of enzymes, once the negative hydrogen ion is tightly connected with the coenzyme NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), NADH will be generated. NADH is a coenzyme, which releases and transfers electrons when it recovers to NAD +, and finally produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and inorganic phosphate (PI) under the action of ATP synthase. This becomes the energy of the human body.

3、 Efficiency

So far, we have been thinking about what is best for our health. All kinds of nutrition, health products, food... And hydrogen does not belong to these "substances". So, what is the difference between hydrogen and other antioxidants?

First, the biggest difference is size. Hydrogen has attracted much attention because it is the smallest. Hydrogen is the smallest antioxidant in the universe. If "1" and "2" are used to imply the size of hydrogen atom and hydrogen (H2), the molecular weight of antioxidant substances so far "ranges from hundreds to nearly 1000".

Secondly, on the basis of the original three physical properties (gas, liquid and solid), a new fourth physical property concept called plasma is added, which is the food with the smallest hydrogen atom and smaller electron level. Negative hydrogen ion product is a brand-new concept of food. The hydrogen atom (H) also has a reducing ability. Because it has one electron, the atoms are closely linked together to reduce and remove reactive oxygen species.

The negative hydrogen ion (& # x201c; H & # x201d;) carries excess electrons. The first electron released quickly reduces the reactive oxygen species. Even if one electron is released, it will become a hydrogen atom and still has the reducing ability.

On the one hand, the negative hydrogen ions in qin'huang hydrogen rich water machine can promote the complete decomposition of glucose and increase energy in the body; On the one hand, it can reduce the free radicals in the body, eliminate the destructive effects of free radicals, and work at the same time. It can improve the function of the body in a short time, with high efficiency. Its efficiency can be proved by allowing consumers to experience it in a short time.

4、 Science and technology

First of all, for the scientific community, negative hydrogen ions are still a new topic. Even so far, no experimental instrument has been invented that can detect the existence of negative hydrogen ions. The existence of negative hydrogen ions can only be deduced theoretically from the occurrence of hydrogen in the "magnetic ball experiment". Secondly, scientists all know the advantages of negative hydrogen ions, and try to seize, store and solidify them, but the technology is extremely difficult. After years of research by Dr. Yoshikawa of Japan, hydrogen (H2) is polarized and ionized into "H +" and "H -" in the plasma state in the high-temperature and high-pressure anaerobic reduction environment. In the process of restoring the furnace temperature to normal temperature, negative hydrogen ions are polarized In the ionized state, it is absorbed into coral calcium and finally generates CaH2, a hydride stable at room temperature. By this method, coral calcium hydrogen is produced. In the environment with low oxygen concentration such as the body, it will be converted into "Ca2" and "H + + H -" and release hydrogen once it comes into contact with water. Finally, active negative hydrogen ions are allowed to exist in a solid state, which is the first case in the world and is at the forefront of the world in science and technology.

7、 Long term effect

Because the yages hydrogen rich water machine will reach the plasma state of hydrogen ions and negative hydrogen ions in the reaction, that is, the two ions restrict and compensate each other so as to maintain a basically stable relative concentration. The so-called "plasma state" refers to the state in which all atoms or electrically neutral molecules, cations and electrons (anions) coexist. For example, H2 ←→ H + + H -. It is precisely because of this that the negative potential of negative hydrogen ions outside the human body is slowly released, with an action time of up to 200 hours, and it can persist for 8-12 hours after entering the human body. Its action time is the longest of health food.

8、 Stability

At present, the stability of antioxidant products we know is very low. Although it can reach a very high negative potential in a short time, it will return to a positive potential in a short time. The yages hydrogen rich water machine will reach the plasma state of hydrogen ions and negative hydrogen ions in the reaction, that is, the two ions restrict and compensate each other so as to maintain a basically stable relative concentration. The long-lasting release guarantees that the negative potential can be maintained at a potential value of 150-180, with very high stability.

9、 High permeability

Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table of elements, that is to say, hydrogen is the lightest element. The reactants of negative hydrogen ions in yages hydrogen rich water machine are hydrogen ions and electrons smaller than hydrogen atoms. Their units are far smaller than the nanometer level. Therefore, negative hydrogen ions have the characteristics of high activity and high permeability. For various barriers in the human body, such as blood-brain barrier, blood-gas barrier, hematuria barrier Blood Gao barrier, hemothorax barrier, blood fetal barrier, skin barrier, mucosal barrier, cell membrane barrier, etc. It is difficult for vitamins and antioxidants in the blood-brain barrier to enter the brain. However, since hydrogen is extremely small, it can reach the brain that is not normally accessible and play an antioxidant role. It has good trafficability, that is, it has high permeability.

The blood vessels of the body, including capillaries, are all connected to each other. They are about 100000 kilometers long and can circle the equator for two times. In a word, blood delivers substances to all internal organs and tissues via blood vessels. What happens when blood vessels become blocked and blood is cut off? It is called infarct in medicine. Because the road is blocked, no matter can be delivered. But hydrogen is a very small substance, so it can reach and play a role even if the blood vessels are blocked.

(cell membrane barrier cells are composed of nucleus, cytoplasm and cell membrane. The cell membrane is a semi permeable membrane with a phospholipid bilayer structure. It is not only a barrier between cells and the external environment, but also a gateway for cells to receive information from the outside world or other cells. It is responsible for protecting cells and transporting substances. The blood-brain barrier brain cells are metabolized vigorously, consume more oxygen, and require more nutrients. If the brain tissue is hypoxic, ischemic, or invaded by pathogenic bacteria, it will affect the brain Function: a disease that causes the body to diverge. For this reason, the blood-brain barrier (BBB) has been formed in the long process of human evolution, which can restrict the free exchange of substances between blood and brain tissue. But oxygen, carbon dioxide, some anesthetics, ethanol and other fat soluble substances are easy to pass through. At the same time, it also has special permeability to various drugs.)

10、 Universality

A. Broad crowd

Because negative hydrogen ions have the above-mentioned safety, green and environmental protection, they have no toxic and side effects on the human body, and at the same time, they bring another big characteristic of them, which is applicable to a wide range of people. There are no specific contraindications and contraindications to negative hydrogen ions. In Japan, negative hydrogen ions have been added as additives to baby foods and beauty facial mask. It can supplement calcium, enhance immunity and improve intellectual development for children. It can help women whiten their skin, remove color spots and age spots, and reduce weight and improve endocrine. It has a good effect on men to strengthen their physique, fix their black hair and ensure their energy.

B. Wide range of diseases

Since negative hydrogen ions mainly improve oxygen free radicals and energy metabolism, they have a good effect on improving and controlling various diseases in vivo. Such as improving immunity, anti-aging, anti fatigue, cardio cerebrovascular, diabetes, uric acid, etc. it has even been found in clinical trials that it has a very good effect on cancer patients.