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Hydrogen Inhalation Breathing Machine Oxygen Hydrogen Separated Tabletop Electrolysis Hydrogen Water Maker

  • PEM/SPE Electrolysis
  • DC12V /8A
  • 2L
  • 600ml/min(optional)
  • 300x255x360mm
  • Al-Mg alloy + Food grade ABS

oxygen hydrogen separated tabletop electrolysis hydrogen water maker


 hydrogen inhalation - qinhuangwater

Making hydrogen   Hydrogen Purity   Smart indicator     Safety setting        Low noise

water            99.99%

breathing machine - qinhuangwater

Suitable for       Hydrogen-oxygen   Hydrogen flow rate:     Water flow detection

all people        separated         300/600ml per minute



How to use

Step 1: Open the lid, fill pure water into the inner water tank till it reaches the maximum water line.


Step 2: When you use this device for the first time, please open the drain valve to allow some water to flow out and ensure the water stays above the minimum water line.


Step 3: Connect the device to the power supply and connect the inhalation tube. 

Step 4: Press the button on the top to start the machine.



Product Name

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine





Net Weight


Water Tank Volume


Hydrogen purity


Rating Voltage


Output Pressure



Hydrogen Inhalation

Rating Power


Product performance standard: T/GDID 1009-2018



Daily Maintenance

l When the machine works continuously for more than 1 week, it is recommended to replace the water inside with some new water.

l When the machine is not used more than one week, please drain the water inside and add new water.

l When the water quality is poor, output hydrogen may reduce, and the pipe may be blocked by the scale, leading to a shorter service life of the machine. So please use pure water as requested.


Trouble Shooting


Possible Reasons


The machine can not start.

1.The power cord plug is not plugged properly.

2.The ON/OFF button is not pressed.

1. Make sure the power cord plug and the socket are in full contact.

2. Press the ON/OFF button when the power is on.

No hydrogen comes out.

1. The inner water tank lacks water.

2. The inhalation tube is not connect properly.

3. The gas-water separator inside does not work normally.

1. Add pure water up to the maximum water line.

2. Connect the inhalation tube properly.

3. Please contact the after-sales center.

Abnormal display data

1. The electrolytic cell has water scale.

2. The monitor is abnormal.


Please contact the custom service representative to confirm the failures, and send the machine to our service center.



l The water added into the inner tank must be pure water or distilled water.

l Please add the water up to the maximum water line before start the machine.

l When the machine works continuously for more than one week, it is recommended to drain the water inside and replace with some new water.

l If the user does not use pure water as requested, leading to the machine failure, it is not covered by warranty.

l Please use the power outlet correctly. Cut off the power supply during maintenance and transportation.



Warranty Rules

We offer 12 months warranty from the date of the goods receipt.

Please keep the purchase voucher properly. If you need service during warranty period, please contact our after-sales center.


Non-warranty Rules

The following items are not within warranty.

l It has exceeded the warranty period.

l Failures caused by human factors, including but not limited to improper installation, use and maintenance.

l Outer packaging, accessories, gifts, and user manual are not complete. The user loses the purchase voucher.

l Failures or damages caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, fire, flood, lightning strike

l Improper use, maintenance, collision, change, disassembling unauthorized by Guangdong Cawolo Health Technology CO., Ltd.

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