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Best Quality And High Efficient Hydrogen Electrolysis Small Molecule Water Cup

  • +500mV~-800mV
  • 650g
  • 1 years
  • 3 years
  • DC8V/1A
  • 350ml
  • 1200ppm
  • 66x220mm

Selling Top Healthy Intelligent Colorful light Electric Hydrogen Water glass Bottle SPE portable HHO water  generator

alkaline hydrogen water machine -qinhuangwater

Qinhuang Hydrogen water bottle is a portable hydrogen generator. The Qinhuang hydrogen-rich water cup electrolyses pure drinking water to produce abundant hydrogen. It also changes the structure of water molecules, electrolyzing large molecules of water into small molecules that are easily absorbed by human cells. Therefore, the Qinhuang hydrogen-rich water cup is also called the micro-electrolysis cell living water cup.


The Qinhuang hydrogen-rich water cup uses platinum-titanium electrode electrolysis technology. Double-layer high boron lead-free glass bottle body, SS316 stainless steel bottle cap, and a non-slip mat on the bottom of the cup. It is equipped with a miniature intelligent control electrolysis system. The entire hydrogen-rich water cup perfectly combines function and structure, and the atmosphere is noble, making life safe and beautiful.

Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Generator Product Parameter

Product Name

new product hydrogen water electrolysis hydrogen rich generator bottle


Qinhaung-I type

Charging time

1-2 hours

Charging voltage






Electrolysis times

12-15 times



Hydrogen production



-500 ~-800mV

Product Size


Net weight



High boron lead-free glass, Food Grade PP, Platinum and Titanium

Packing Box size


Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle Application

●Activate cells, inhibit the effect of oxygen free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-aging

●Go deep into the tissue or cell membrane gap, activate the cell tissue, and improve the blood circulation function of various systems

●Improve cell activity, thereby enhancing immune function

●Improve gastrointestinal function and metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, and promote lipolysis

●Promote digestion and excretion, soften blood vessels, activate intestinal mucosal cells, prevent and improve constipation

●Inhibit free radicals, increase freight and lactic acid decomposition, eliminate muscle soreness during exercise

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