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Hypochlorous acid detailed description

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In terms of physical and chemical properties, hypochlorous acid is a weak acidic and strong oxidizing disinfectant; In terms of biological characteristics, hypochlorous acid is the most important component of human immune system;

Hypochlorite is one of the most widely used disinfectants; In terms of the relationship between hypochlorite and chlorine containing disinfectants, hypochlorite is the final bactericidal factor of all chlorine containing disinfectants.

 At the end of 2019, COVID-19 made people realize the importance of disinfection. Among them, hypochlorite disinfectant has received great attention due to its obvious advantages such as safety, high efficiency, wide range of bactericidal and wide application. However, hypochlorous acid is a new type of disinfectant, and people's awareness of it is relatively low. The concepts of acid oxidizing potential water, slightly acidic electrolytic water, slightly acidic hypochlorous water and hypochlorous acid disinfectant are not only related, but also different from each other. The main components of acid oxidizing potential water, slightly acidic electrolytic water and slightly acidic hypochlorite water are hypochlorite. In order to let the public have a better understanding of these knowledge, we will take hypochlorite as the starting point to make a detailed introduction.

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1. Hypochlorite is a weak acid and strong oxidant

The chemical formula of hypochlorous acid is HClO, and the structural formula is h-o-cl, in which the valence of chlorine is + 1, which is the lowest oxygen-containing acid of chlorine, but its oxidation is very strong in the oxygen-containing acid of chlorine, which is the second strongest acid in the oxygen-containing acid of chlorine

 2. Hypochlorite is a bactericidal factor in human immune system 

Hypochlorite plays an important role in human immune system. In human body, hypochlorite passes through myeloperoxidase - H2O2 - Cl - in neutrophils   System generation. After the invasion of microorganisms, neutrophils, as the first line of defense of human immune system, are activated to initiate the expression of inflammatory genes and a series of intracellular events. First, activated neutrophils play a role in phagocytosis, phagocytizing microorganisms to form phagosomes. There are a large number of particles in neutrophils, which contain myeloperoxidase. After the formation of phagosome, neutrophils will degranulate, and the membrane of cytoplasmic particles will fuse with phagosome to discharge myeloperoxidase into phagosome to form phagosome. At the same time, NADPH oxidase on the cytoplasmic membrane of neutrophils is activated, neutrophils produce respiratory burst, consume a lot of oxygen to produce superoxide anion (O2 -), O2 -) further disproportionation reaction to form H2O2. Myeloperoxidase catalyses H2O2, Cl -   Hypochlorite formation:

H2O2  +  2Cl-→2HClO

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Studies have shown that in 2 h incubation time, 106   Activated neutrophils can produce about 2 ×  10-7   Mol of hypochlorite. Neutrophils through the above myeloperoxidase - H2O2  - Cl-   The system produces enough hypochlorite, which plays an important role in killing microorganisms.

3. Hypochlorite is the ultimate bactericidal factor of all chlorine containing disinfectants

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Definition of chlorine containing disinfectant: chlorine containing disinfectant refers to the disinfectant dissolved in water to produce hypochlorous acid with bactericidal activity. 84 disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite) and bleaching powder (calcium hypochlorite) are all inorganic chlorine containing disinfectants, but the performance of inorganic chloride is not stable, so people invented organic chlorine containing disinfectants (such as sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, ammonium chloride t, etc.). Whether it is inorganic chlorine disinfectant or organic chlorine disinfectant, the final active ingredient is hypochlorite after it dissolves in water. In the past, people always try their best to make hypochlorite exist in a more stable way so that it can be preserved for a long time; Now, with the production of electrolytic / synthetic hypochlorite water technology, chlorine containing disinfectants are directly presented in the most essential way hypochlorite, that is, the production and use mode also helps to solve the problem of long-term storage, making the disinfection technology return to the most essential state. At the same time, with the continuous development of hypochlorite water generation technology, the stability of hypochlorite water can be solved, and the sales of bottled hypochlorite disinfectant has become a reality.

 4. Hypochlorous acid disinfectant is a more widely applicable disinfectant

Hypochlorous acid disinfectant is suitable for the disinfection of general surfaces, medical instruments, medical waste, food and drinking utensils, fabrics, fruits and vegetables, water, etc., in medical and health institutions, public health places, and families. It can also be used for the disinfection of surfaces, hands, skin and mucous membranes of air, secondary water supply equipment and facilities.


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