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Large-scale Disinfection Water Electrolysis Hypochlorous Acid Water Machine for Farms Livestock And Aquaculture

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  • 2000ppm
  • 1 years
  • 3 years
  • Commercila Acid Water
  • AC three-phase 220V±10%,50Hz-60Hz
  • 2000L/H
  • 2.5--12.5

Large-scale disinfection water electrolysis hypochlorous acid water machine for farms  livestock and aquaculture  

 Livestock environmental protection disinfection and sterilization water generator-qinhuangwater

Qinhuang hypochlorous acid disinfection machine uses diaphragm electrolysis to electrolyze salt water to generate hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid has great lethality to viruses and bacteria. Qinhuang II acid water machine is a disinfection machine that has a great demand for disinfection water. The water inflow is large, and the amount of hypochlorous acid produced is large. It is specially used for the large-scale environmental elimination, the elimination of crop pests and diseases, and the cleaning of the growth environment of livestock in the breeding industry. It has a significant killing effect on cattle foot and foot disease, African swine fever, and influenza viruses.

Electrostatic Sanitizing Machine Installation Instruction

 electrolyzed water maker-qinhuangwater


Vegetable Washing And Disinfection Water Machine Production Parameter


Technical Parameters

Control System


High performance embedded industrial microprocessor

System resource

   Various functions, multi-channel  control

Operation interface

One-touch operation display panel

Main Specifications

Hypochlorous acid production rate




Available chlorine content


Input voltage

AC three-phase 220V±10%,50Hz-60Hz

Maximum power consumption


Working Type




Pure water machine

1200mm×850 mm×700mm



Technical requirements

working environment

Temperature 10-35 ° C, humidity below 80%, no strong electromagnetic interference around


The regulated power supply is reliably grounded.

Water supply condition

The input water quality meets national tap water standard.

Input water Conductivity 50~100μ/cm

TDS ≤25mg/L

Water Pressure 0.14~0.3Mpa


Crop Plant Sterilization And Disinfection Water Machine Application


Replace the water in produce washers with on-site generated HOCl which is safe, natural, and effective. It does not require a potable water rinse as is required when using chlorine bleach.


Generate on-site from just table salt, water, and electricity. Wash and sanitize fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, fish, and seafood. No post-rinse. Sanitize all food contact surfaces.


Sanitize all food contact surfaces in the deli, bakery, butcheries, and at checkout counters. No post-rinse is required. 


HOCL is ideal for maintaining sanitized living environments for livestock as it is safe on animals yet effective in controlling microbial pathogens. It can be applied to living environments via misters and dosed into storage tanks for disinfecting drinking water

Poultry Processing

HOCl is suitable for use on poultry as per the FSIS directives of the USDA. Replacing the water of poultry chillers with electrolyzed water is an effective means of killing E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria prior to poultry processing.

Fish & Seafood Processing

Electrolyzed water can be generated on-site with salt, water, and electricity and used as a no-rinse sanitizer for raw and processed fish and seafood. It can replace all toxic chemicals used to sanitize equipment and food-contact surfaces in a seafood processing plant.

electrostatic sanitizing machine-qinhuangwater

Actually the HCIO acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water with highest remove smell function, so at Cosmetics ,Hospital ,Pharmaceutical,Steel Hardware,Food ,Farms ,Dope Dyeing ,Indoor room cleaning with disinfection , Sterilization and Smell removes,Large boats, Airplanes Cleans...etc


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