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Electrolytic Hypochlorous Acid Disinfection Machine for Daily Family Hotel Restaurant Air Environment Goods Skin Hygiene

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  • 40~150mg/L
  • 5kg
  • 5 years
  • 1 years
  • 150~400W
  • 200L/h
  • 3--6.5
  • 400mm×350 mm×180mm

Electrolytic hypochlorous acid disinfection machine for daily family hotel restaurant air environment goods skin hygiene  

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Qinhuang hypochlorous acid disinfection machine adopts non-diaphragm electrolysis method. The electrolyte is dilute hydrochloric acid. The mixed solution of dilute hydrochloric acid and water is electrolyzed to produce high-concentration hypochlorous acid. It has powerful lethality to bacteria and viruses. And the product has no residues, no harm to the human body and the environment. Qinhuang hypochlorous acid water machine is truly safe and efficient with zero pollution. .


Acid Disinfection Machine Installation Instruction

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Daily Household Disinfection Machine Production Parameter


Technical Parameters

Control System


High performance embedded industrial microprocessor

System resource

   Various functions, multi-channel  control

Operation interface

One-touch operation display panel

Main Specifications

Hypochlorous acid production rate




Available chlorine content


Input voltage

AC three-phase 220V±10%,50Hz-60Hz

Maximum power consumption


Working Type




Pure water machine

400mm×350 mm×180mm



Technical requirements

working environment

Temperature 10-35 ° C, humidity below 80%, no strong electromagnetic interference around


The regulated power supply is reliably grounded.

Water supply condition

The input water quality meets national drinking tap water standard.

Input water Conductivity 50~100μ/cm

TDS ≤25mg/L

Water Pressure 0.14~0.3Mpa


Electrolyzed Water Machine Application

Protection for Infants

HCIO water is highly effective in killing viruses, preventing infants from contracting influenza and hand, foot and mouth disease. Protection could be achieved by cleansing utensils, toys and skin of infants via a form of spray or rinse.

Personal Care

Embarrassment is inflicted everyday due to innumerable bacteria, causing problems like body odour and terrible breath. These concerns could be resolved by HCIO Acid water. Spraying [NeuKocyte], direct rinse and soaking clothes with it are fruitful avenues to relieve the distress of mortification.

Building a Healthful Environment

Wounds, air, food and utensils are the common mediums for bacterial infection and disease transmission. Sterilising air with our electronic sprayers, rinsing wounds, and soaking food and utensils with HCIO Acid water, establish a sanitary environment, bettering our health.

Setting Up a Hygienic Family

Pet is one of the close-knit family members. They bring us joy and warmth. In return, we shall bear the unshakeable responsibility to look after their health and the issues they bring in. Spraying [NeuKocyte] to or rinse the bodies of the pets and their utensils could eliminate their stink. HCIO Acid water could also used to disinfect wounds of the pets.


Actually the HCIO acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water with highest remove smell function, so at Cosmetics ,Hospital ,Pharmaceutical,Steel Hardware,Food ,Farms ,Dope Dyeing ,Indoor room cleaning with disinfection , Sterilization and Smell removes,Large boats, Airplanes Cleans...etc;


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