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Can hydrogen be absorbed from the digestive tract?

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Gas can be completely absorbed from the digestive tract, which conforms to the law of substance diffusion. Electrolyzed hydrogen water cup for sale-qinhuangwater

Gas dissolves in liquid and water, which is not essentially different from the dissolution of other substances such as glucose or salt. Glucose can be absorbed by the digestive tract, and gas can also be absorbed, all through diffusion, from the high concentration part to the low concentration part.

Gas entering and leaving the cell needs to pass through gas channels on the cell membrane. 

Modern research evidence has found that similar to ions, gas also requires gas channels. Small molecule gases generally borrow cell membrane channels from other substances. For example, water channels are proven to be gas channels. Gases can enter or leave across water channels according to a concentration gradient. cell.

Hydrogen molecules enter human cells in the intestine. It's all with the blood flow. 

So it has great benefits to the human body. In some studies, especially in hydrogen medicine, in clinical trials, hydrogen water has curative effects on many diseases.

Qinhuang Water can produce hydrogen-rich water cups, hydrogen-rich water machines, and hydrogen suction machines. And they have become popular products among consumers.

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