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Titanium anodes' precautions for the use

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1. The metal oxide coated titanium anode (iridium MMO coated titanium anode for short) needs to be installed under the recommended electrolysis conditions.

2. Avoid oil or grease contaminating the titanium anode coating.water treatment electrode manufacturers-qinhuangwater

3. The MMO coating is a ceramic coating with a porous surface and a large specific surface area, which has good electrochemical characteristics. Titanium anode coating is very easy to be scratched or damaged when a hard object rubs or knocks on its surface: it is forbidden to place the coating surface directly on a metal surface, and a protective paper or plastic film should be covered on the hard surface; prohibition Drag or slide the titanium electrode coating surface on any hard surface; if there is dirt or deposits on the coating surface, it is forbidden to use any abrasive mechanical means to clean it. It is forbidden to clean the anode surface using methods such as wire brush, sandpaper sanding, sandpaper or high-pressure water jetting.

4. When the titanium anode is removed from the electroplating tank, it should be rinsed with water immediately. To prevent corrosion.

5. Titanium anodes that need to be stored for a long time should be carefully packaged with inflatable plastic packaging materials to avoid scratches or dust on the coating surface.

6. The MMO coating applied to the active part of the titanium anode allows current to pass through the surface of the titanium anode coating to the electrolyte, while the uncoated titanium surface remains inert. If the small-area MMO coating is mechanically damaged and the titanium under the coating is in direct contact with the electrolyte, the titanium anode can still continue to operate normally. This is because under anodizing conditions, the titanium surface has a protective effect and is adhesive. The oxide film.

7. There should always be a little distance between the electrodes. An accidental short-circuit between the titanium anode and the plated part will cause damage to the titanium anode coating that cannot be replaced and also damage the titanium substrate. If a severe short circuit occurs, the titanium anode will be completely destroyed.

8. As long as the titanium anode is immersed in or directly in contact with the electrolyte, the titanium anode must be in an anodized state. If the titanium anode is not energized, a low positive voltage (residual voltage) can be applied to the titanium anode. This only needs to apply a voltage of 2 volts between the anode and the cathode, without using a power source and a large amount of current.

9. Trace impurities in the electrolyte, such as lead, iron, and barium, should be controlled. This will not produce a large amount of anode deposits. The anode deposits can block the surface of the titanium anode and cause uneven anode current distribution.

10. Organic additives are added to the electrolyte, and different additives will have different effects on the life of the titanium anode.

11. Removal of deposits on the surface of titanium anode.

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