Understanding Large Capacity Industrial Acid Water Electrolytic Cells
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Understanding Large Capacity Industrial Acid Water Electrolytic Cells

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Slightly acidic electrolytic water and weakly acidic electrolytic water manufacturing machine "Qinhuang" and Characteristics of Qinhuang waterIn 2002,slightly acidic electrolytic water and strongly acidic electrolytic water were designated as food additives under the name of "hypochlorite water".The name of this slightly acidic electrolytic water is changed from the original "weakly acidic electrolytic water".At present, it has not been widely recognized.In this paper, first of all, the characteristics of "Qinhuang", the manufacturing device of micro-acid electrolytic water, and the characteristics of micro-acid electrolytic water (hereinafter referred to as Qinhuang water) manufactured by Qinhuang are introduced.Industrial Acid Water Electrolytic Cells

1.Characteristics of the slightly acidic electrolytic water manufacturing device "Qinhuang".Photo 1 shows the appearance of the slightly acidic electrolytic water manufacturing device "Qinhuang", which is manufactured in accordance with the specifications of food additives.At the present stage, there are three models, with the manufacturing capacity of 240L per hour for small machines (Mp-240B), 1200L per hour for medium machines (Mp-10000C) and 10000L per hour for large machines (Mp-10000C).In addition, there are devices of 30t/h, 360L and 120L, or simple models produced in batches, which are under development.The flow of the device is, small machines directly mix 3% dilute hydrochloric acid with raw water, while medium and large machines mix and dilute 21% hydrochloric acid with part of raw water and then supply it to diaphragm free electrolytic cells.The Cl molecule generated by electrodecomposition is dissolved by water, and then HClO solution with high concentration is generated from the electrolytic cell. Mix and dilute this solution with raw water at a ratio of about 1:1000 to produce purester water with effective chlorine concentration of 10-30ppm and pH6.By controlling the supply of hydrochloric acid and water, as well as the electrolytic current value, the effective chlorine concentration and pH can be arbitrarily adjusted to reach their respectiveWithin specifications.This high concentration electrolysis and high dilution ratio can achieve good electrolysis efficiency, low operating cost and large capacity.And because of the use of diaphragm free electrolytic cells, all the generated water can be used for sterilization purposes.

2.Characteristics of Qinhuang water

1.Germicidal effect

In Cl solution, HClO molecule with high bactericidal effect in the field of micro-acidity has a high existence rate.Therefore, compared with the alkaline NaClO solution used as Cl series bactericide, Qinhuang water shows high bactericidal effect with low effective chlorine concentration.In addition to Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, the inactivation effect of antibiotics has also been confirmed.As an example, the bactericidal effect of Bacillus subtilis spore.Compared with NaClO solution with effective chlorine concentration of 100ppm and pH9.5, Qinhuang water with effective chlorine concentration of 10ppm and pH6.0 has significantly higher germicidal efficacy.


The existence ratio of Cl2 in Purester water is low near pH6.Therefore, Cl2 in the gas phase is less, and it is relatively stable in the open state, with almost no Cl smell.In principle, it should be used immediately after manufacturing.If it is stored in a covered barrel for 2 or 3 days, there is no problem.After putting purester water in PET bottle with a tight cap and storing it in a dark place at 10 ℃ for 1 year, the effective chlorine concentration can be maintained for more than 8 layers.

3.Operation cost II

In addition to raw water, the operation cost of Qinhuang also includes hydrochloric acid fee, electricity fee and electrode fee.It varies according to the operating conditions and the models used. For example, when using large models, the total operating costs are tens of yuan per ton (except for raw water charges).

Application field of slightly acidic electrolytic water

In recent years, fungicides, which have been used conveniently for a long time, have begun to be pointed out.This kind of harm mainly refers to the direct impact of using fungicides, but the environmental pollution caused by waste gas is also an important problem. Moreover, the prevention and control of food poisoning caused by pathogenic microorganisms and other issues to ensure food safety are also the primary tasks to be solved by the food industry.Unfortunately, there is no epoch-making method to solve the above two problems at the same time, but it is necessary to make the most suitable choice for the object.Therefore, we are convinced that one of its options is to popularize electrolytic functional water with various characteristics that were not available in previous fungicides into the food field, which is also of great social significance.Further popularizing the use of functional water in the food industry and solving the problem of food additives is also an important topic.Fortunately, the "Functional Water Research Revitalization Group", which is under the administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, was officially established in 1993 to carry out research assistance, research promotion, research seminars and other popularization activities for electrolytic functional water and other functional water. It is hoped that with the joint efforts of the consortium based production science, the position of electrolytic functional water in the food hygiene law can be determined as soon as possible.In addition, purester can also be used in a wide range of fields besides food.For example, the cleaning of feedhouses in livestock products and the use of feed water can also be used in gardening for watering plants and soil, spray in greenhouses and other places because there is no salt damage.By diluting the hydrolysate of hydrochloric acid into seawater instead of fresh water, purester water with the same composition as seawater can be obtained, which can also be used for fisheries.In addition, it can be used for cleaning and deodorization of hotels, restaurants, public facilities and living rooms due to its little impact on the environment.It is necessary to care about food hygiene, so it is not only Japan but also the world's common demand to seek new sterilization methods in medical and agricultural fields.It is hoped that the electrolytic functional water developed from Japan can be widely used in the world.