Other uses of the multifunctional water generator in life
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Other uses of the multifunctional water generator in life

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1. Clean the backing boards used for cutting vegetables and meat: The backing boards used for cutting vegetables and meat have broken juices attached to food, and are covered with knife marks, which are breeding grounds for bacteria. Clean them with acidic ionized water and can be sterilized , Sterilization makes the cutting board moist and clean, and makes dishes without pollution and bacteria.

2. Cleaning of tableware and dishes: Acidic ionized water has strong bactericidal and cleaning power, so it is suitable for cleaning tableware, dishes, and tea cups, and it will be bright and crystal clear after washing.

3. It can be used to clean utensils and teacups. Because acidic ionized water has dual functions of detergency and sterilization, it can be used to clean utensils and keep them clean. Glasses and cups are often washed with acidic ionized water, and they can also become bright and crystal clear.

4. Polishing of mirrors and metals: Use acidic ionized water to rub mirrors, glasses, glass, kitchen knives, etc., and soak overnight in acidic ionized water for cups that are easy to decontaminate, shine, or have tea stains attached, or burnt black pot bottoms , comes off completely and is easy to clean for a brand new look.

5. Can be used on wet towels. Use acidic water on wrung wet wipes to keep the wet wipes from smelling. You can also bring a picnic box with your child when he goes hiking Such wipes go.

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6. It can be used in laundry. Before washing and dehydrating, if you can soak it in acidic ion water before dehydrating, and then take it out to dry, even in the rainy season, when the clothes are not easy to dry, the clothes will never have odor produce.

7. Cleaning of face towels, hand towels and rags: Wet face towels and towels are prone to mildew, breeding bacteria, and causing unpleasant odors. Washes off with acidic ionized water for mildew, stink free and clean.

8. Washing and processing of fruits and vegetables: cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, eggplants, soybeans, asparagus, etc., if washed or processed with acidic ionized water, they can maintain their natural color and have the ability to remove residual pesticides and Sterilization function.

9. Swimming in summer is an activity to cool off the heat. It is best to rinse your body with acidic water after swimming. Because the water quality of the swimming pool is not clean, you may be infected with skin diseases and eye diseases. Delicate skin such as the face, shoulders, etc. , there will be burning red pain phenomenon, please moisten with acidic water. Paste the facial tissue on the painful area to reduce inflammation and relieve pain

10. Diaper rash often makes babies cry non-stop. Wash the affected area with acidic water and wrap it with tissue paper. The baby will sleep until dawn.

11. Babies take a bath with acid in summer, and the baby will feel refreshed, and use a tissue dipped in acid water to stick to the affected area, and the effect is good.

12. After the clothes are cleaned with washing powder, there will still be some firefly agents that are not good for the skin after being washed with water. Soak them in the washing tank with acidic water and then wash them, and they will be completely clean.

13. Rinse your mouth with acidic water to make your breath fragrant.

14. It is suitable for making sweet or not spicy; when making fish and shrimp noodles, if acidic ionized water is added, it will be fried crispy and delicious

15. It is suitable for cleaning items. When cleaning rice, corridor tiles and other places, if acidic ionized water is used for cleaning, not only is it easy to decontaminate, but also the acidic ionized water dries quickly without stickiness.

16. It is suitable for polishing or polishing items. Use acidic ionized water to wipe glasses, mirrors, glass or kitchen knives. It is not only easy to decontaminate, but also bright and clean.

17. Suitable for car washing. When washing cars, bicycles, and motorcycles, please use acidic ionized water.

18. It is suitable for cleaning tea-stained bowls and scorched pots. Soak them in acidic ionized water for one night, and the dirt on the bowls and pots can be completely removed.

19. It can be used as bath water or to clean the tub. Add one to three buckets of water to the tub and then heat it. The water will boil quickly, which can save a lot of gas fees. Moreover, the scale is not easy to adhere to the bathtub, and the water is not easy to be dirty, so even if the water is boiled again, there will be no bad smell. Because of this, it can also save a lot of money for tap water.

20. It can be used to maintain pets. Acidic ions can be used to maintain pet hair, which can make pet hair shiny and beautiful.