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Hydrogen-rich water's beauty effects

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1. Hydrogen water is a popular beauty method in clinics that implement anti-aging care

Skin aging and dryness are an oxidative process. Hydrogen is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory molecule. It is probably the first time most people have heard about the use of hydrogen water to make cosmetics, but hydrogen water is already implementing anti-aging care The more popular cosmetic method in clinic.

The oxygen in water molecules not only contains oxygen that is beneficial to the body, but also contains active oxygen that can oxidize our body due to excessive exercise, heavy metals, stress, smoking, etc. This type of active oxygen is a major culprit in causing skin problems, and hydrogen water can play a major role in eliminating them.hydrogen-rich water cup manufacturers - qinhuangwater

2. Continuous safety

The clinical test results show that the neutral electrolyzed hydrogen water has been proved to be stable in the test, and it can be applied on the skin with confidence. Moreover, the use of "wiping hydrogen" can make skin cells produce active hydrogen, which lasts for 8-15 hours in the body, which is longer and more effective than other antioxidants. In addition, hydrogen water can also promote the burning of blood sugar and exert the effect of neutralizing active oxygen, thereby improving the natural healing ability of the skin and delaying aging.

3.Natural antioxidants

Hydrogen itself is one of the best natural antioxidants. Hydrogen molecules are very fine. After entering the body, they can quickly penetrate the whole body and penetrate cell membranes, taking away the malignant reactive oxygen species that are difficult to eliminate from the body, purifying hair follicles, and neutralizing water (urine) to be excreted from the body. Without affecting other benign active oxygen and the functioning of the body, it can restore the oxidized cells.

4. Anti-wrinkle

Hydrogen-rich water inhibits the formation of wrinkles caused by UVA rays, as well as the production of type I collagen in fibroblasts, reduces oxidative stress, prevents cell damage, and does not cause any side effects.

Six Japanese subjects received HW hydrogen water-bath (DH, 0.2~0.4ppm) every day for 3 months. On the 90th day, in four subjects, HW hydrogen water-bath significantly improved wrinkles. Therefore, hydrogen water HW can be used as a daily skin care product to inhibit skin damage caused by UVA (ultraviolet rays) by ROS-clearing and promoting the synthesis of type 1 collagen in the dermis.

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