Function introduction of electrolyzed water
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Function introduction of electrolyzed water

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1: Electrolyzed water is a kind of safe water

The electrolyzed water machine uses activated carbon as a filter layer to filter tap water to make it purified to the standard (reaching the national drinking water standard), and then generates two kinds of active water through electrolysis, namely electrolyzed water. The flow out of the cathode is alkaline electrolyzed water (for drinking); the flow out of the anode is acidic electrolyzed water.

2: Electrolyzed water is a kind of health function water

Features and functions of alkaline electrolyzed water:

1. Being weakly alkaline, it can neutralize various acidic metabolites in the body, prevent acidification of the body, and eliminate hidden dangers of various diseases;

2. Eliminate excessive "free radicals" in the body that damage the human body and delay the aging of tissues and organs.

3. Strong penetrating power and dissolving power, effectively promoting metabolism, "cleaning" the human body, quickly eliminating toxins in the body, and improving the immune function of the human body.

4. Contains electrolytic minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc.), which are easily absorbed by the human body and effectively supplement trace mineral elements.

5. The oxygen content is high, and the oxygen lost during exercise can be quickly replenished; the flowers and fish are particularly fresh.

Features and functions of acidic electrolyzed water

1. It meets the acidity requirements of human epidermis, can effectively remove dirt in pores, astringe skin, enhance elasticity, and can be used for beauty care.

2. Strong-grade acidic electrolyzed water has a better effect of inhibiting bacteria and toxins, and can be used to clean the body and other daily necessities.

It can restrain cut wounds, quickly stop bleeding and eliminate bacteria, and can effectively treat skin inflammation.

3: The relationship between electrolyzed water and human health

1. Alkaline electrolyzed water is weakly alkaline, which can maintain the acid-base balance in the body. It can quickly remove acidic metabolic wastes in the body, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on acid reflux, heartburn, and ulcers caused by excessive gastric acid secretion; muscle soreness caused by excessive lactic acid; gout caused by excessive uric acid in the blood.

2. Electrolysis of small molecular groups of water, strong penetration and solubility. It can promote metabolism in the body, improve the body's immunity, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on the following diseases: high blood pressure; hyperviscosity and hyperlipidemia; diabetes; coronary heart disease; fatty liver, alcoholic liver; weight loss; colds; stone removal, etc.

3. Negative potential, can remove peroxides in the body, and has the effect of disease prevention and anti-aging. Modern medicine has proved that peroxide free radicals are the main cause of human aging and disease. Alkaline electrolyzed water has a negative potential of -150-500MV, which can remove 70% of free radicals in the human body.

4. Alkaline electrolyzed water contains a large amount of ionic minerals, which makes calcium supplementation easier and can improve the following conditions: osteoporosis in the middle-aged and elderly, growth and development of children, arthritis in the elderly, alkaline Calcium electrolyzed water has a significant effect on type II diabetes. Reference method: Divide a tael of thick green tea into five equal parts, soak each part in strong alkaline calcium electrolyzed water for 1 hour, drink it, drink it before brewing, 1 part a day, no less than 2 liters of water a day, about 3 Monthly blood sugar, urine sugar will be significantly reduced, or even normal.

4: Other uses of electrolyzed water in life

1. Alkaline electrolyzed water:

Drinking water is particularly comfortable and thirst-quenching;

Drinking alcohol and drinking alkaline calcium electrolyzed water can help hangover;

Cooking rice can make the rice fragrant, delicious and shiny, and not easy to rot;

Cooking meat and fish can remove fishy smell, cooking soup is easy to cook, cooking leaves are not yellow, etc.;

Bubble milk powder can supplement baby calcium;

Making tea can remove the astringency, make the brown color clear, and make coffee more mellow and delicious;

For feeding pets, it can make pets more energetic and their hair more shiny;

Soak fruits and vegetables in alkaline calcium ion water to remove pesticides.

2. Acidic electrolyzed water:

It has astringent effect and can play a cosmetic effect;

The pH value of the skin surface of the human body is weakly acidic. Washing the face with acidic electrolyzed water can protect the pH value of the skin surface from damage, increase the elasticity of the skin, prevent dry skin, and play a role in beauty and skin care.

Has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects:

Acidic electrolyzed water contains a large amount of elemental oxygen and a certain concentration of chlorine, so it has a certain bactericidal ability, and has a certain effect on athlete's foot, oral ulcers, bad breath, wounds, dermatitis, acne, and prickly heat.

With whitening and washing effect: acidic electrolyzed water contains a certain amount of hypochlorite ion, which has a certain washing and whitening effect.

It has the function of keeping fresh.