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Electrolytic anode strengthening life test

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MMO titanium electrolytic anode test principle

A rapid life test method using an anode for electrolysis at a high current density in a sulfuric acid solution. By testing different anodes tested in the same concentration and temperature of sulfuric acid solution, the failure time of the electrode enhanced life test working at the same high current density was compared with the service life of different electrodes.DSA manufacturers-qinhuangwater

Test device of water electrolysis titanium electrode

a. 500mL beaker;

b. Tested anode: The test anode shall be taken directly from the electrode of the tested equipment and processed. Using the damage method to retain the active coating on the surface of the test anode with an effective reaction area (projected area) of 1.0 cm2 ± 5% by mechanical processing;

c. Cathode: 1Cr18Ni19Ti stainless steel(gr2 titanium) is used. When the tested anode is flat, the cathode is plate-shaped. When the tested anode is tubular, the cathode adopts an annular shape. The effective conductive area of the cathode should be much larger than the effective anode reaction area. Distance not less than 1cm;

d. The test electrolytic power supply should use a DC constant current power supply with a rated current greater than 3A.

e. The accuracy of the DC ammeter and DC voltmeter used for testing is 0.5;

f. Accuracy constant temperature water bath, water temperature control accuracy should be less than ± 1℃.

Test conditions of water treatment electrode

a. Electrolyte: 1.0N H2SO4 (GB 625);

b. Electrolyte temperature: 40c ± 1oC;

c. Anode current density: 200 A/dm2.

Operation steps of ir tatitanium electrode

a. Pour 1.0N H2SO4 solution into the beaker. Fixed installation of electrolytic anodes and complete submergence of the active working part of the anode;

b. After the electrolyte temperature rises to 40oC, turn on the power and adjust the electrolytic current to the specified value, and keep it constant during the test. A certain amount of distilled water and H2SO4 are added from time to time in the electrolysis process to maintain the electrolyte level and concentration;

c. Record electrolysis time, electrolysis current, electrolyzer voltage value every half hour;

d. Stop the test when the electrolyzer voltage starts to increase rapidly;

e. The accumulated electrolysis time from the start of the test to the moment when the electrolyzer voltage starts to increase significantly is referred to as the expiry time of the enhanced life test of the tested electrode.

Noted: This method is China standard. All Chinese anodes factory use this way to test anodes using life

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