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Alkaline water pitcher filtration

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Alkaline filter kettle has 5 parts, they are filter , reservoir, pitcher, lid, electronic filter indicator

PH and Mineralization

Your body requires a carefully maintained pH to function at its optimal capacity. This slightly  alkaline(7.35) pH is affected by what we eat and drink. Nowadays most of people in the world wide consume an acidic diet and therefore it is extremely important to balance your diet with alkaline food and water in an effort to counteract the effect of an acidic body. This Alkaline Water Pitcher produces slightly alkaline water to help restore optimal body pH and promote healthy living.

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Your body needs essential minerals to maintain important metabolic pathways. Essential minerals that your body cannot produce on its own must be obtained through your diet. This alkaline kettle provides you with mineralized water containing many essential minerals (such as calcium and magnesium), which are recommended by the World Health Organization.

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Characteristics of the Alkaline Water Pitcher

1. The filter is designed with rubber ring toprevent unfiltered water from entering the pitcher.

2. Bottom with non-slip rubber ring design, keep the pitcher stable.

3. The easy-fill lid allows you to fill water easily.

4. Water taste better after filtration, and still keep beneficial minerals. The filtered water is ideal for cooking, can improve the taste of coffee and tea.

5. Prolongs the life of your domestic appliance by preventing limescale.

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The Alkaline Water Pitcher comes equipped with a simple and convenient easy-fill lid.

1.Place easy-fill lid under faucet.

2.Position water stream over the covered circular opening and allow water to fill the reservoir.

3.The easy-fill lid will automatically close when the reservoir is full.


1. Hold down start button firmly until clock blinks 4 times.hydrogen water kattle suppliers - qinhuangwater

2. Countdown begins at 60 and decreases to 1.

3. The 1 will indicate a filter replacement is needed.

4.To reset the indicator, hold down the start button firmly until it blinks 4 times and then release. Clock will reset to 60.

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1. Remove the filter with the reservoir, one hand hold the filter on the top.and another hand push from the bottom of the reservoir.

2. Recycle your filter: crack open plastic housing. Take filter contents and deposit into a compost.

3. Recycle plastic housing in your plastic recycling bin. Replace with a new filter.

Important Notice

• Do not store your Alkaline Water Pitcher in direct sunlight and keep the pitcher away from heat sources such as a stove.

• Clean your Alkaline Water Pitcher each time you replace the filter.

• For optimal filter performance change your filter every 300 litres(approximately 2 months) Double the filter life of most pitchers!

• Boil Water Advisories: If you municipality is under a boiler water advisory you must boiler your water prior to use with the Alkaline Water Pitcher. The Alkaline Water Pitcher is designed for use with biologically safe, potable water only.

• If you are unsure of whether your water is biologically safe, please contact your local water sanitation organization for more information or have your water tested at a certified laboratory.

• Keep the filtered water in the fridge. It is recommended to consume the filtered water within 2 days.

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