Tips for Using a Hydrogen Water Kettle at Home
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Tips for Using a Hydrogen Water Kettle at Home

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1. Which water sources are suitable for qinhuang hydrogen rich water cup? Are there any requirements for water hardness?

Answer: The source water used by qinhuang hydrogen rich water cup can be directly used as drinking water, such as boiled water, purified water, mineral water, zinc spring water, etc. The hardness of water is widely applicable. The national standard stipulates that the hardness of water is below 450mg/L, which can be used within the national standard. If the hardness exceeds the national standard, the cup will automatically stop to protect the electrode, which is absolutely safe. If high hardness water is often used, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, etc. will slowly precipitate on the electrode surface. Long time accumulation will affect the electrode efficiency and reduce the hydrogen production concentration. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the electrode frequently and brush the electrode surface with a soft bristle brush (metal brush is prohibited).

2. How long can the hydrogen made from qinhuang hydrogen rich water cup last?

A: It is recommended to drink within half an hour.

3. Are there any requirements for water temperature of the qinhuang hydrogen rich water cup? Can the prepared water be heated?

Answer: The applicable water temperature of qinhuang hydrogen rich water cup is 0-60 ℃. The prepared water cannot be continuously heated, which will lead to hydrogen volatilization and affect the effect of hydrogen rich water.Smart hydrogen water kettle for sale

4. Why doesn't the water glass light light up and electrolyze when the switch is pressed down?

Answer: a. Check whether the power saving mode is turned on at the bottom of the cup, and ensure that the switch is turned to "Y"; b. If the power of the cup is exhausted, the cup needs to be charged; c. Whether the life of the cup electrode has expired, and the cup needs to be replaced.

5. What should I do if I find a water leak at the cup lid?

Answer: The main reason for water leakage is that the cup lid seal ring is not tightened or the cup lid seal ring is faulty. Check whether the lid is tightened or twisted in turn, and then check whether the seal ring is lost or damaged.

6. What should I do if I find that the base leaks?

Answer: In consideration of the convenience of cleaning, the cup body is designed to be detachable. If water leaks due to vibration in the logistics process or loose fitting between the cup body and the bottom thread during daily use, the cup body can be rotated out and then re rotated. When rotating, pay attention to the position of the slot of the decorative ring, and ensure that the seal ring is normal without omission.

7. During electrolysis, it is found that bubbles are generated slowly and hydrogen concentration is reduced. What should we do?

Answer: a. The electrode is dirty: it has been used for a long time, especially in areas with high hardness. Calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide and other substances will slowly settle on the electrode surface, affecting the working efficiency of the electrode. Brush the electrode surface with a soft brush (metal brush is prohibited). b. The service life of the electrode has expired.

8. Does qinhuang · hydrogen rich water cup need to be cleaned? How to clean it?

Answer: It needs to be cleaned. The cleaning is divided into two parts, the upper filter element and the lower electrode.

a. Upper filter element: it is cleaned once a month. The cleaning method is to use 1 portion of edible white vinegar mixed with 10 portions of domestic drinking water to prepare a 1 liter solution, then rinse the filter element in the solution for several times and soak it for 5 minutes, then soak it in clean water and rinse it until it has no sour taste.

b. Electrode: when it is found that the bubble is reduced during hydrogen production, or there is white attachment on the electrode surface, the electrode needs to be cleaned, and the electrode surface can be brushed with a soft bristle brush (metal brush is prohibited). If it is inconvenient to clean, turn the cup out, and then turn it back after cleaning. When turning, pay attention to the position of the slot of the decorative ring, and make sure it is confidential

The sealing ring is normal to prevent water leakage.

9. What is the difference between qinhuang hydrogen rich water cup and other hydrogen rich water cups on the market?

Answer: a. Adopt membrane separation technology to solve the coexistence problem of oxidant and reductant, reduce the generation of by-products, and eliminate the impact of by-products on water quality;

b. Constant current source technology is adopted to solve the problem of non electrolysis of purified water, and adapt to high hardness water and wide water quality range;

c. With the upper filter element, it can balance the mineral content in water, not only hydrogen rich water, but also mineralized and weakly alkaline water quality.

10. How many glasses of water can be made by filling a hydrogen rich water cup with electricity?

Answer: The hydrogen rich water cup uses a large power capacity of 100mAh. If you charge the electricity once to make more than 15 cups of water, a certain amount of power will be consumed in standby. Therefore, if you charge the electricity once, the power will be partially consumed in standby when the water making frequency is not high, so the number of water cups may be reduced. If you do not want to consume power in standby mode, you can turn the power saving switch at the bottom of the cup to "N" after making water each time.

11. Will there be a prompt when the cup is dead? How does it represent fullness?

Answer: When the battery is low, the red light flashes during use, indicating that the ideal hydrogen rich water cup needs to be charged. When charging, the indicator light is red. After charging, the indicator light goes out.

If the battery is charged for a long time, the indicator light will show red, which may be due to the high resistivity of the data line or poor contact of the indicator light. As long as the battery can be charged for more than 3 hours, the use will not be affected.

12. When did hydrogen begin to be studied?

A: In 2007, in the world famous journal Nature Medicine, a report on hydrogen selective antioxidation and its therapeutic effect on cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats was published by the research group of Professor Masao Taida from the Institute of Gerontology of Japan Medical University, which set off a research boom in hydrogen molecular biology. So far, more than 600 relevant research papers have been published internationally. Chinese scholars have made outstanding contributions in this field, publishing more than 300 related papers, undertaking 41 NSFC projects (17 more in 2015), and more than 100 master's and doctoral dissertations. It also took the lead in reporting a variety of hydrogen treatable diseases internationally, including neonatal ischemic encephalopathy, carbon monoxide poisoning delayed encephalopathy, arthritis, pancreatitis, sepsis, radiation injury, diving decompression sickness, oxygen poisoning, diabetes retinopathy, etc.

13. Benefits of hydrogen rich water?

Answer: ① Digestion promotion: It has been proved that hydrogen rich water can relieve digestive pressure, accelerate digestion between intestinal and gastric juice and food, and make the body metabolism vigorous.

② Health care: hydrogen rich water can balance the endocrine system, improve digestion and absorption, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

③ Strong constitution: hydrogen rich water can effectively improve memory, generate ATP heat energy, and make people energetic and energetic.

④ Detoxification: Purify the blood, maintain the acid-base constitution, and tidy up the internal environment. It can solve skin problems such as spots and acne, eliminate toxins easily, and improve constipation very well.

⑤ Anti aging: hydrogen rich water can eliminate harmful hydroxyl free radicals in human body, delay aging, prevent cancer and treat various diseases.

⑥ Weight loss: hydrogen rich water can help you maintain a slim figure, solve overeating, and expel excess nutrients and waste toxins from the body.

⑦ Skin care: hydrogen rich water directly acts on the human body, accelerates skin metabolism, reduces color spots, whitens and replenishes water, decomposes harmful bacteria, and restores the white and clean skin.

14. How much hydrogen rich water should I drink a day?

A: The saturated hydrogen water concentration is about 18-20ml hydrogen dissolved per liter of water. From the perspective of safety, considering that people have limited drinking water, even if hydrogen is increased several times, it will not be harmful to human health, so there is no need to limit. Water consumption is mainly considered, because people cannot drink too much water. From the perspective of effectiveness, since hydrogen is easy to release, it should be drunk at one time as much as possible after preparation. Because a certain dose is required to achieve a certain effect, it should not be less than 300 ml of water at a time, and it should be drunk within 10 minutes as much as possible. Because hydrogen cannot stay in the body for a long time, drink it as many times as possible. In a word, the more hydrogen rich water you drink, the better. It will not survive.

15. After electrolyzing water, hydrogen will come out of the hydrogen rich water cup. There is still oxygen in the water. Hydrogen is reductive, and oxygen is oxidizing. Isn't that neutralizing?

Answer: Oxygen and hydrogen in water will not neutralize. The oxidation and reduction of substances are relative. Hydrogen is reductive and oxygen is oxidizing, but they cannot react with each other in water because the concentration and temperature conditions for reaction are not available. The concentration conditions for the reaction of oxygen and hydrogen are that the concentration of both gases is no less than 5% and the temperature is no less than 600 ℃. In the solution, the concentration of oxygen and hydrogen is lower than 5%, and the temperature of water is lower than 100 ℃. Therefore, there is no reaction condition at all. The experiment also proves that the two gases will not react in water.

There is no direct chemical reaction between the two gases in water. At present, academics believe that they will not react with each other in the body. Of course, this possibility has not been completely ruled out, because the situation in the body is relatively complex, which is also the focus of current academic research. Hydrogen has selective antioxidant effect, and can only be oxidized with very strong

The agent undergoes neutralization reaction. Oxygen and some relatively weakly oxidized free radicals cannot react directly with hydrogen. In a word, the components containing oxygen in electrolytic water that can be considered irrelevant to the effect will not react with hydrogen. Generally, natural drinking water contains oxygen, and fish live by using oxygen in water.

14. What is the approximate hydrogen content of the water treated by the hydrogen rich water cup, and how long will it take to drink, and the human health index will change?

A: The hydrogen production capacity of the hydrogen rich cup is more than 600 ppb, generally 800-1200 ppb, that is, 0.8 ppm-1.2 ppm. How long it changes the body index depends on the specific problems, such as constipation for 3-5 days, hypertension for about 6 months, and other problems for 6-9 months, depending on the individual's physical fitness.