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Strong alkaline electrolyzed water

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Strong alkaline electrolyzed water, also known as strong alkaline electrolyzed ion water, refers to electrolyzed water with a pH value higher than 9.0 (when used in industrial cleaning, its pH value can reach about 13.0), and its active ingredient is NaOH/KOH, which contains active Hydrogen can effectively remove dirt such as lipids and proteins.


The strong alkaline electrolyzed water equipment uses a diaphragm electrolyzer, and the electrolyte is generally K2CO3. The electrolyte can also be NaCl or KCl, which is produced together with the strong acid electrolyzed water.


Unlike other alkaline water formed by caustic soda, strong alkaline electrolyzed water will not cause skin irritation or chemical burns. In addition to its bactericidal effect, super alkaline ionized water is very effective in decomposing oil, so it is widely used in cleaning manufacturing products and industrial machinery and parts, as well as CIP cleaning.

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