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Is it safe to drink RO water?

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Reverse osmosis water purifier is also known as RO water purifier or pure water machine. Reverse osmosis water purifier is a method of filtering raw water (physical method) through the currently popular international reverse osmosis method without adding any compounds. Produce pure water machines that can be directly consumed by humans. The purified water it produces is fresher, more hygienic and safer than bottled water. Because the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001 microns, the diameter of viruses is generally 0.02-0.4 microns, and the diameter of ordinary bacteria is 0.4-1 microns, so pure water can be obtained.

Because of this, many people say that the reverse osmosis water purifier filters out all the substances in the water, which is not in line with the daily drinking habit, especially for infants and young children.

At present, Baidu and Zhihu are discussing whether pure water is good for human health, but almost only at the theoretical level. For example, whether trace elements in water can supplement the human body, etc., there is no experimental data to support it. Then, before determining whether drinking the water of the reverse osmosis water purifier for a long time has an impact on the body, we must first understand the current water quality and the characteristics of the reverse osmosis water purifier itself.Reverse Osmosis water machine manufacturers - qinhuangwater

Current status of drinking water quality

At present, water pollution in various regions is very serious. The ground can still be seen, but the underground is not known. The rural areas are mostly groundwater, and the cities are also mainly tap water. Of course, some uncontaminated areas are not excluded.

The groundwater has not undergone any treatment, and contains many impurities, such as soluble gases, minerals, organic matter, etc., as well as more harmful substances, such as: sediment, rust, calcium and magnesium ions (the main substances produced by scale), etc. Wait. In severe areas, the dirty water can't be seen, and the villagers will drink it after precipitation. In fact, you treat your body as a filter, and in the end it is yourself who suffers.

The tap water is relatively better. After coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, residual chlorine sterilization, etc., the tap water conforms to the national tap water standard when it leaves the factory, and it will be tested every day and cleaned regularly. The problem arises on the way from the water plant to the home user.

The reason is that the first is the aging of the pipeline. From the laying of the pipeline to the end of its life, there is no cleaning or maintenance, and the contents inside are unknown; the second is because of the existence of the first problem, in order to make the tap water reach the user, It is still close to the national tap water standard. The water company will add excessive residual chlorine to it, and it will also have side effects, such as the smell of bleaching powder in the water.

These are the two more important points, and there are other reasons. If there are conditions at home, it is better to install a reverse osmosis water purifier at home. For health, to drink good water.

Disadvantages of reverse osmosis water purifiers

Many people think that reverse osmosis water purifier waste water and electricity, but in fact, through technical improvements and data, waste water and electricity are actually relative concepts compared to ultrafiltration machines, and the real cost of their own consumption is not large.

This is a water circuit diagram of a reverse osmosis water purifier. The reverse osmosis water purifier is a single water machine. The flow direction of pure water is: tap water inlet - turn on the low pressure switch (to protect the pump when water is short) - >> through PP Filter element——>>Compressed activated carbon filter element——>>PP cotton——>>Water inlet solenoid valve——>>RO membrane (requires external pressure from booster pump)——>>Through check valve (blocking water countercurrent flow)——>>After the high pressure switch (stop when the water is full, when the pressure of the pure water outlet of the machine reaches the original set pressure of the machine, cut off the system power supply to ensure that the pump does not work under overload conditions.)——>>Divided into two Part of it goes, part goes through the rear activated carbon - gooseneck faucet - pure water outlet, and the other part enters the pressure storage bucket to store water, even if there is no electricity, there is still water to drink. The other part of the waste water from the RO membrane filter element is discharged through the waste water valve.

Features of reverse osmosis water purifier

1. Increase the pump

The purpose of adding a pump is to pressurize the water through the RO membrane. After pressurization, because the pores of the membrane are very small, harmful ions such as heavy metals are discharged with the concentrated water, reaching one ten thousandth of a micron, and pure water is gone.

2. Pressure barrel

The purpose of the pressure tank is to store water. The filtration speed of the reverse osmosis RO membrane is relatively slow, and the water output of the reverse osmosis water purifier is relatively small, which cannot meet the needs of users to take water at any time. In order to solve the needs of users to take water at any time, pressure barrels come in handy. When the user does not draw water, the reverse osmosis water purifier is still working, and the filtered pure water is first stored in the pressure tank. When the user draws water, it is directly output from the pressure tank, so that the user does not have to spend time waiting for water production. .

Advantages of reverse osmosis water purifier

The reverse osmosis water purifier can not only remove impurities, rust, colloids, bacteria and viruses, but also remove radioactive particles, organic substances, fluorescent substances and pesticides that are harmful to the human body, as well as nasty water alkali and heavy metals. Make sure that there is no alkali when you boil the water, and at the same time ensure the health of your family. The use of reverse osmosis purified water can be used for cooking, soup, tea, and coffee, ensuring the original juice, original flavor, and sufficient decomposition of nutrients in food, which is more suitable for human absorption.

Finally, there are very few minerals in water. The minerals added by drinking a glass of milk are worth the minerals of drinking several tons of water. A glass of milk VS a ton of water, which one would you choose to drink? There is no doubt that most people will choose milk, so there is no need to use reverse osmosis water purifiers in order to absorb those beneficial elements, especially in heavily polluted areas.

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