Why You Need A Water Ionizer In Your Home?
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Why You Need A Water Ionizer In Your Home?

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Why You Need A Water Ionizer In Your Home?

Brief introduction to the working mechanism of the electrolyzer: the tap water is filtered by a high-quality filtering system to remove chlorine, harmful bacteria, rust, sediment and other impurities in the water. After electrolysis, alkaline electrolyzed water and acidic electrolyzed water are generated, and the large molecular groups are divided into small molecular groups, enhancing the activity, permeability and dissolution of water.

Health care mechanism of alkaline electrolyzed water

It is weakly alkaline -- the PH value of healthy people's blood is about 7.35, which is weakly alkaline. Due to environmental pollution, improper diet, work pressure, lack of exercise and other reasons, the human body is in a partial acid state, cell function is weakened, and metabolism is disordered, which leads to sub health of the human body. The pH value of alkaline electrolyzed water is weak alkaline, which can quickly remove acidic metabolites in the body, and has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on gastric ulcer, acid regurgitation, gout, muscle soreness, etc. caused by excessive acidity.

Small water molecule group - after water is electrolyzed, ordinary water with 13 water molecules is broken into hexagonal water with 6 water molecules. This kind of water has strong permeability, good solubility, strong activity and energy. It can quickly enter the cell wall of the human body, take the wastes in the cells out of the body, keep the body clean and unblocked, and improve constipation, indigestion, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and stones.

It is rich in ionic calcium and has the function of calcium supplement - calcium ions in alkaline electrolyzed water are in an active state and easy to be absorbed due to electrolytic separation. It can effectively supplement calcium ions and prevent osteoporosis.

Negative potential -- Modern medicine has proved that peroxidized free radicals are the internal factors that promote human aging and cause diseases. Alkaline electrolyzed water has a negative potential of - 150MV -- 500MV, which is reducible, can eliminate 75% of free radicals in the whole blood, and has the effect of preventing disease and anti-aging, and desalinating chloasma and senile plaque.

1. Processed beverages

(1) Tea brewing water: use alkaline electrolyzed water to rinse pickle tea water, without boiling the water, without damaging vitamin C in the tea, it can neutralize tannin in the tea, reduce astringency, and make the tea water bright, fragrant and delicious.

(2) Brewing coffee: Brewing coffee with alkaline electrolyzed water is soft, aromatic and delicious.

(3) Brewing milk powder: use alkaline electrolyzed water to brew milk powder, which will melt faster. It can increase the soluble content of calcium ions, make it easy for children to absorb, supplement the calcium needed for children's development, and promote the healthy development of children's teeth and bones.

2. Cookingcheap Soft water machine - qinhuangwater

(1) Cooking: first wash the rice with tap water, soak it in alkaline electrolytic water for 20 minutes, and then you can cook rice with luster, stickiness, fragrance and good taste.

(2) Boiling soup: use alkaline electrolyzed water to boil green leaf vegetable soup, which can prevent calcium loss, make the soup green and bright, no astringency, and fragrant and delicious.

(3) Cooking noodles: Cooking noodles with alkaline electrolyzed water can prevent the noodles from changing color, without peculiar smell and good taste.

(4) Boiling meat: Soak and wash the meat with alkaline electrolytic water machine, which can remove the bloody smell of the meat, give out the flavor in the sauce, and make the meat cooked rotten and taste more delicious.

(5) Boil mung bean soup: soak mung beans in alkaline electrolyzed water to make soup. It is colorful and delicious. It can prevent heatstroke and detoxify. It is the best drink in summer.

(6) Other fried products are crispy and delicious after frying with acidic water and noodles; Soak fish and meat in sex reducing water for 30 minutes to remove blood and fishy smell.

3. Cleaning

(1) Cleaning of fruits and vegetables: alkaline electrolyzed water can neutralize chemical fertilizers and pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

(2) Tableware cleaning: acidic electrolytic water has strong washing power and good sterilization effect, which is most suitable for washing tableware.

4. The fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables can be prolonged by washing them with alkaline electrolyzed water and spraying them with acidic electrolyzed water.

5. Other utility

(1) Antialcoholic: drinking alkaline electrolyzed water before drinking can increase the alcohol consumption, and drinking after drinking can prevent staying in the liquor.

(2) Electrostatic removal: After washing clothes, soak them in acidic electrolyzed water for 60 seconds, which is bright and static free.

(3) Disinfection: acid electrolyzed water has disinfection effect, non-toxic and non irritating, and can be applied to burns, wounds and mosquito bites.

(4) Gardening sprinkling: sprinkling flowers and trees with active electrolytic water will make them grow more vigorous and bright (pay attention to their alkali and acid preference).

(5) Raising chicken and fish: Feeding chicken with alkaline electrolyzed water can promote the metabolism of chicken body, improve the egg production rate and egg quality; Using active electrolyzed water to raise fish can reduce fish diseases and make fish grow healthily (pay attention to its acidity and alkalinity).

(6) Seed soaking: before sowing, put the seeds in alkaline water to soak, which can promote seed germination, rooting, healthy growth of seedlings, and improve the harvest.

Cleaning of tableware and dishes: acidic electrolyzed water has strong germicidal and cleaning power, so it is suitable for cleaning tableware, dishes and tea cups. It is bright and crystal after washing. It can be used to clean utensils. Because acidic electrolyzed water has dual functions of cleaning power and bactericidal power, it can be used to clean utensils and keep them clean. Glass and cups are often washed with acid electrolyzed water, which can also become bright and crystal. Polishing of mirror and metal: use acidic electrolyzed water to rub the mirror, glasses, glass, kitchen knife, etc., cups that are easy to remove dirt, shine, and adhere to tea stains, or the bottom of a burnt pot. Soak them overnight with acidic electrolyzed water, and they fall off completely, are easy to clean, and look new. You can use acidic ionized water on a wet towel and use it on a wrung wet towel to keep the wipes from smelling. You can also ask your child to bring a picnic box with him when he is hiking. It can be used in laundry. Before washing and dehydration, if you can soak it in acidic electrolyzed water and then dehydrate it, and then take it out for drying, even in the rainy season, when clothes are not easy to dry, the clothes will never have a bad smell.

Cleaning of face towels, hand towels and wiping cloths: wet face towels and hand towels are prone to mildew, breed bacteria, and cause odor, which is annoying. It can be washed with acidic electrolyzed water and ionic water without mildew and odor, and can be kept clean.

Cleaning and processing of fruits and vegetables: cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, eggplants, soybeans, asparagus, etc. If they are washed or processed with acidic electrolyzed water ion water, they can maintain natural color, and have the function of removing residual pesticides and sterilization. Swimming is an activity for relieving heat in summer. It is better to wash your body with acid water after swimming. Because the water in the swimming pool is not clean, you may be infected with skin diseases and eye diseases. The tender skin such as sunburn, face and shoulder in sea swimming may burn, red and painful. Please wet it with acid water. The face paper is pasted on the painful area to diminish inflammation and relieve pain.