Why Do People Drink Hydrogen Water?
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Why Do People Drink Hydrogen Water?

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It is well known that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine to form water.The chemical formula is H2O. Since water is a compound composed of hydrogen and oxygen,in popular terms, hydrogen and oxygen have a very good relationship.In other words,if the relationship between hydrogen and oxygen is not good,hydrogen will go to the left in the way of hydrogen and oxygen will go to the right in the way of oxygen,and water will never be produced.Furthermore, life would not exist without water.

They can't be separated if they want to the energy that combines hydrogen and oxygen is called hydrogen oxygen bond energy.That is to say, it is due to the hydrogen oxygen bond that hydrogen and oxygen combine in the form of 2:1, thus forming water.On the other hand,the result of hydrogen oxygen bond is that hydrogen and oxygen are difficult to dissociate in water,so there is no hydrogen rich water in nature.

The good relationship between hydrogen and oxygen means that the energy attracted by them is working (i.e. hydrogen binding energy), so water is born. Because hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water,hydrogen and oxygen in water cannot be separated,and hydrogen and oxygen cannot be separated from each other in water.Not only that, although hydrogen can be injected into water from a hydrogen cylinder, or hydrogen rich water (cathode water) can be made by electrolysis of water, hydrogen is the lightest gas in the universe,and it quickly runs away from the water. As we learned in high school chemistry class, there is almost no hydrogen in the water.Therefore,the water that people generally know is almost hydrogen free water. Hydrogen Water-qinhuangwater

In short, water in nature, as well as treated tap water and bottled water on the market,has a common feature that it does not contain hydrogen.

If we can first fully understand and understand this fact, it will be of great significance for health and longevity.

Water of Life, Hydrogen Rich Water, Detoxification

Lin Xiuguang,a Japanese medical doctor who is a world famous water expert,has written 14 books on water, among which Death by Water is famous.

When he learned about the "holy water",he made a special trip to Germany for an investigation.His senior knowledge of water research made him quickly understand the principle of this magical "holy water",which enabled Japanese scientists to successfully develop a hydrogen water stick (hydrogen water generator), which is called "water" in Japan.In Taiwan, 180 ml of this water sells for 28 yuan.The principle of hydrogen rich water is that the "magnesium" in the hydrogen water bar will generate magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen when meeting with water.The equation is as follows:


Four characteristics of hydrogen water generator:

1.The hydrogen molecular content is 20 times higher than that of ordinary weakly alkaline ionic water, and the ability to remove acidic substances in the body is 20 times stronger !

2. It integrates high hydrogen content,weak alkalinity, negative potential and small molecule water to balance body pH and effectively prevent and treat various diseases !

3. It is small in size and convenient to carry.You can drink the most ideal healthy water at any time when you are on business or traveling.

4. Beauty and weight loss become easier.

Fight against free radicals and delay aging

You may be 40 years old, but you don't know that the cells of the body begin to age at the age of 25, and the aging process will accelerate with age.When researchers studied human aging,they found an important physiological phenomenon: the process of human aging is the process of dehydration.The loss of water in the body is also an important factor in human aging, which can cause dull skin, coarse pores,reduced elasticity and roughness.

Some people are old and others are young,because the amount of free radicals in their bodies is different.Data show that free radicals are important factors that cause many diseases and aging.The process of aging is also a process of free radicals oxidizing cells.If we can remove free radicals before free radicals oxidize cells,we can achieve the effect of making people young.The active hydrogen in alkaline reducing water can first reduce free radicals to form water that is harmless to the body, so as to relieve various symptoms caused by cell oxidation,which has a significant improvement effect on human health.Every physiological activity of the human body is inseparable from water, and every cell of life is supported by water.Only when we drink enough healthy water every day can every cell survive and metabolize in a fresh environment.

In the field of people's health, more than 70% of people's health belongs to the state of overwork or sub-health, and the prevalence rate of chronic diseases exceeds 20%.Drinking hydrogen and absorbing hydrogen are "simple,effective and cheap",and have broad indications.It can not only fight against inflammation and inflammation of aging,but also improve the resistance of lung diseases,and improve gastrointestinal function.

What is hydrogen rich water?

Hydrogen rich hydrogen is added to ordinary drinking water.Hydrogen is the carrier of hydrogen.The dissolved hydrogen does not change the physical properties of hydrogen,which means that it will not affect the operation of hydrogen.Each hydrogen will replace the past drinking water.Only hydrogen is added to the drinking water.Hydrogen is a healthy choice that does not change the life style of hydrogen.

1. Rich hydrogen and hydrogen radicals.The hydrogen rich hydrogen can quickly eliminate the malignant radicals,prevent the cells from being destroyed by the radicals,and facilitate the oxidation and reduction of hydrogen to combine with the malignant radicals.After the combination,it becomes toxic and harmful,which can promote metabolism.

2. Hydrogen rich pressure and pressure.The hydrogen element contained in the active hydrogen can prevent the combination of unsaturated fatty acids and active oxygen from forming lipid peroxide unsaturated fatty acids,which can improve the pressure sickness.

3. The hydrogen electricity contained in the hydrogen rich hydrogen and the active hydrogen in diabetes,and the unique antioxidant action of hydrogen,can effectively remove the malignant radicals in the body,repair the damaged islet cells,restore and protect the normal function of the islet, increase the sensitivity of insulin receptor, accelerate the conversion of glucose into glucose,purify the liquid,remove the liquid waste,prevent diabetes complications,and improve the symptoms of diabetes.

4. Hydrogen-rich water and osteoarthrosis:small molecular mass of water in the calcium ions easily absorbed by the body,and the body's harmful acidic substances.And hydrogen-rich water can reduce blood uric acid to relieve gout and other bone and joint diseases.

5. Hydrogen rich liver.Drinking alcohol with hydrogen can help the liver effectively remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and peroxides produced in the process of alcohol decomposition,reduce oxidative damage to liver tissue, and protect the liver.

6. Hydrogen-rich water and memory loss. Hydrogen-containing water restores the reproductive capacity of nerve cells that are reduced by reactive oxygen species,thus inhibiting memory loss.

7. Hydrogen rich water and sub-health.The hydrogen rich fish can replenish energy from the root and eliminate the oxygen radical (antioxidant) of fish body, so as to improve the sub-health status of fish and prevent diseases.

8. Hydrogen rich hydrocarbons and cancer.The electricity (negative dissociation) of the active hydrogen contained in the active hydrogen can prevent the cancer cells from limiting their division,so as to change them into cells with the same life span as ordinary cells.

9. Hydrogen rich and anti-aging.Hydrogen rich oxygen is the strongest active oxygen scavenger,which can also be called the strongest "scavenger".Hydrogen rich oxygen contains hydrogen protogen, which can replace the components of oxygen (cells, genes and other substances combine with active oxygen to prevent the body from being attacked by active oxygen (oxygen radical).

10. Hydrogen rich fish and inflammatory diseases.Hydrogen can resist inflammatory reaction,reduce inflammatory damage and accelerate inflammatory repair. (The inflammation of skin, intestines and stomach is relieved).