What’s the RO water?
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What’s the RO water?

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Introduction to RO water maker principle

RO (Reverses Osmosis) refers to reverse osmosis water---also commercially available pure water. automatic water purifier machine for sale-qinhuangwaterThe principle is to apply a greater than osmotic pressure at one end of the raw water to produce reverse osmosis. At this time, it dissolves and does not dissolve inorganic salts, heavy metals, and organic bacteria. Body particles, etc. cannot penetrate the semi-permeable membrane, allowing water molecules and smaller molecules of salts to permeate the semi-permeable membrane and flow to the side of the purified water, while the pollutants are concentrated in the raw water. The raw water is gradually concentrated, and the pressure applied must be gradually increased until it is infinite. 

In actual operation, the concentrated water (waste water) is drained and the raw water is continued to be supplied to maintain a constant pressure. In simple terms, the functional principle of reverse osmosis is Like a sieve, the water is forced through a cellophane-like film, in which only tiny organic particles (particles) can pass through, while contaminated and unclean water is discharged from the waste water outlet.

The advantage of RO water

The advantage of pure water is that it has no bacteria or viruses, is clean and hygienic, is soft water, has a good taste, and is small molecular cluster water, which is easy to be absorbed by the human body. In order to show the purity of its water, some merchants used an electrolytic pen to test, and its conductivity was ≤20μS/CM.

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