What's the Difference Between Hydrogen Water and Other Types of Water?
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What's the Difference Between Hydrogen Water and Other Types of Water?

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What's the Difference Between Hydrogen Water and Other Types of Water?

Electrolytic reduction water (hydrogen rich water) is a kind of high energy and improved water, which is good for human use. Through clinical observation, electrolyzed water does have the effect of disease prevention and auxiliary treatment. For some diseases, electrolyzed water has even become the main treatment method with obvious effect.

Hydrogen rich water, also known as hydrogen water. Dissolve a proper amount of hydrogen in water, and call hydrogen water as water element water. The taste is neutral, no difference from drinking boiled water or purified water, colorless, tasteless and airless. Hydrogen itself is the best, so the water added with hydrogen has a strong reducing function, which can neutralize the active oxygen (free radicals) in the blood and cells of the body. The negative potential of plain water is - 300~- 500 (mv) anti oxygen capacity, that is, 0 is the median. The larger the negative number, the stronger the anti oxygen capacity.

The hydrogen rich water machine adopts the technology of filtering first and then electrolysis. It removes chlorine, heavy metals, impurities and other substances from the tap water. The tap water is purified first and then electrolyzed to generate weak alkaline water with certain health care effects and rich active hydrogen, which is called electrolytic reducing water (i.e. hydrogen rich water). Long term drinking can keep the body healthy. If a certain amount of water is consumed, constipation, gout, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other symptoms will be alleviated, It is a kind of drinking water with health care function

Characteristics of electrolytic reduction water (hydrogen rich water)

1. Small molecule group, strong penetration, improve human microcirculation and promote metabolism;

2. Strong solubility, easy to absorb, and accelerate the excretion of toxins in the body;

3. The adsorption force between water molecules is small, maintaining high energy efficiency, activating cells and activating enzyme activity;

4. With high oxygen content, it can activate cells and enhance immunity. It is the water closest to human cells;

5. Electrolytic reducing water is weakly alkaline, which can neutralize acid toxicity and regulate the acid-base balance of human body;

6. Electrolytic reduction water has a negative potential, which can remove excess free radicals in the body;

7. Electrolytic reduction water contains a lot of minerals and trace elements needed by human body.

Ten functions of hydrogen rich water

1. Hydrogen rich water and free radicals

Hydrogen in hydrogen rich water can quickly eliminate malignant free radicals when it enters the human body, prevent free radicals from destroying cells, and combine with malignant free radicals by using the redox effect of hydrogen molecules. After combining, it will become non-toxic and harmless water and be discharged out of the body, which can well promote metabolism.

2. Hydrogen rich water and hypertension

The hydrogen electrons contained in the active hydrogen water can prevent the combination of unsaturated fatty acids and active oxygen to produce lipid peroxide unsaturated fatty acids, which can improve hypertension.

3. Hydrogen rich water and diabetes

Hydrogen electrons contained in active hydrogen water can restore normal functions of pancreatic islets and their receptors and improve symptoms of diabetes.best hydrogen water bottle - qinhuangwwater

4. Hydrogen rich water and bone and joint diseases

Calcium ions in small molecule water can be easily absorbed by the human body to neutralize harmful acidic substances in the body, while hydrogen rich water can reduce the blood uric acid value to alleviate gout and other bone and joint diseases.

5. Hydrogen rich water and liver

Hydrogen rich water can eliminate the malignant free radicals produced by ethanol in the metabolic process. It is a kind of anti alcohol and liver protection product with no toxic side effects.

6. Hydrogen rich water and memory impairment

Water containing hydrogen can restore the reproductive capacity of nerve cells that have been affected by active oxygen, thereby inhibiting the decline of memory.

7. Hydrogen rich water and sub-health

Hydrogen rich water replenishes energy from the root to remove free radicals (antioxidants) from the human body, so that human beings can improve their sub-health status and prevent diseases.

8. Hydrogen rich water and cancer

The electrons (negative ions) of the active hydrogen contained in the active hydrogen water can prevent the unlimited division of cancer cells and change them into cells with the same life span as ordinary cells.

9. Hydrogen rich water and beauty aging

The aging of the body comes from oxidation. Whether in terms of health or skin care, hydrogen rich water can resist oxidation, thus beautifying and anti-aging.

10. Hydrogen rich water and inflammatory diseases

Hydrogen can resist inflammatory reaction, reduce inflammatory damage and accelerate inflammatory repair. (The inflammation of teeth, skin, intestines and stomach is relieved).

Differences between electrolytic water and raw water

The unique electrolytic water is very different from the raw water (tap water). Dr. Lin Xiuguang pointed out that the performance characteristics of electrolyzed water (ionic water) are different from that of raw water in that both alkaline and acidic ions increase by 20%~30%. Alkaline electrolyzed water is alkaline, with high osmotic pressure, strong solubility, fast heat and electrical conductivity, and acidic electrolyzed water is acidic, with bleaching, sterilization and convergence effects.

Difference between electrolytic reduction water (hydrogen rich water) and other drinking water

1. Mineral water. Mineral water is water that contains some minerals and is not polluted by chlorine or organic substances. Mineral water does not have solubility or expansion, nor does it have the function of scavenging active oxygen (free radicals) or promoting metabolism. It does not belong to functional water.

2. Purified water. The advantage of purified water is that it reduces chlorine, has no minerals, is mostly weak acid, and has the same redox potential as tap water, which is positive potential* Recent research shows that purified water is sour water, which is easy to lead to acidic constitution, increase chronic diseases, easy aging, increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and easy to get cancer.

3. Microcomputer super energy activated water. It is said to have all the characteristics of electrolytic reduction water (hydrogen rich water). It is easy to make and simple. Small molecular groups, negative potential and weak alkalinity remain unchanged after being fired. It is not affected by water hardness, conductivity difference and other factors. Some people think that its negative potential is not ideal, its service life is short, and there are dirty deposits, which need to be tested over time. However, it can be used as a supplement to electrolytic water.