What is the effect of hydrogen rich water facial spray
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What is the effect of hydrogen rich water facial spray

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Beauty machines are deeply loved by Chinese women, but in the early years, there was a hydrogen beauty machine that couldn't be sold. My analysis is that this product is too avant-garde. Only when hydrogen health and beauty are deeply ingrained in people's hearts can these products usher in vitality.

Four usage modes of hydrogen beauty instruments

Warm steam mode: The warm steam function allows the generated water to emit a delicate mist through the steam mode, providing timely hydration for the skin. In addition, the warm steaming function can also assist in removing makeup and remove residual dust more thoroughly.


Warm and hot alternation mode: By combining warm steam and cold air, warm steaming and cold spraying, long-term use can quickly help the skin restore elasticity, shrink pores, and steam out a healthy and good complexion.

Quick warm and cold mode: suitable for emergency use in the morning, achieving warm and cold beauty and quick care in 5 minutes.

Drinking mode: Load a dedicated water bottle and turn on this mode. High concentration water can be generated in 10 minutes, ready to drink. A dedicated drinking water bottle is required.

I know that the hydrogen beauty instrument was in 2017. At that time, hydrogen water cups were the most popular hydrogen products, and there were almost no hydrogen facial mask and other beauty products.

Previously, I also imagined what a perfect hydrogen beauty instrument would look like:

1. The flow rate of hydrogen gas should be at least 150 milliliters, preferably 600 milliliters, which can absorb hydrogen gas.

2. After 5 minutes of startup, there is a continuous supply of hydrogen water available for drinking.

3. By adding an accessory, you can mix hydrogen rich water and steam to steam your face.

4. There is a small box that can be filled with purified water and blank facial mask, and then click to make hydrogen facial mask, which will take 5-10 minutes to make hydrogen water facial mask.

5. Wearing an eye mask and applying hydrogen gas can provide hydrogen beauty to the eyes.

What is the effect of hydrogen rich water facial spray

Nowadays, hydrogen beauty is usually sprayed with hydrogen rich water or hydrogen facial mask.

1. There are many studies supporting the role of hydrogen water in beauty.

2. There are also experiments in the industry where doctors use hydrogen rich water to wash and compress elderly plaques, and the results are very obvious.

3. The Power of Aqua "is published in collaboration with Professor Naruto Taida from Japan Medical University, explaining the application of Aqua in beauty, weight loss, anti-aging, and other fields, with a large number of examples.

In 2011, Hiroshima Prefectural University in Japan reported the results of a study using hydrogen rich water bubble baths to inhibit wrinkle formation.

In 2016, Japan Medical University attempted to use hydrogen rich flushing solution during corneal surgery in white rabbits and found that this method had a significant preventive effect on corneal endothelial oxidative stress.

Wang Jinling, Department of Neurology, Shenyang Military Region General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, and Luo Ning, Department of Burns, conducted a study on the therapeutic effect of hydrogen rich water on facial pigmentation in burn patients. The study showed that soaking in hydrogen rich physiological saline can reduce pigmentation in the back of burns, and the clinical effect is significant.

Yonsei University in South Korea has studied the effect of hydrogen rich water bubble baths on skin photodamage in hairless mice, and found that hydrogen can protect skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

A large flow hydrogen absorption machine, equipped with eye masks, comprehensively solves all applications such as hydrogen absorption, drinking hydrogen water, hydrogen bubble baths, hydrogen beauty, etc., as it can generate a continuous stream of hydrogen.