Water purifier machine for commercial purposes
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Water purifier machine for commercial purposes

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At present,many companies drink water from bottled water,large and small water boiler.However,commercial water purifiers can provide users with fresh, safe,sanitary and meet the national requirements of water,commercial water purifiers do not need frequent purchase,storage,water change,to bring more safe and healthy life comfortable experience and work convenience.The drinking features of commercial purified water are as follows:

1.The drinking water characteristics of ordinary commercial office buildings are mainly reflected in: drinking water time is relatively concentrated,before work and rest time for drinking water peak.Peak water consumption is a good test of the efficiency of commercial water purifier equipment (peak water yield).

2.Compared with ordinary household water treatment,the number of people drinking water in business and office places is larger and the total amount of water used every day is more.The amount of water needed every day is likely to be several times or even tens of times that of the average household water consumption. Purifier machine for commercial-qinhuangwater

3.Water purification equipment,need to be more durable.The application field of commercial water purifier equipment is often public places.Once the equipment fails and can not continue to work or the filter element is damaged and the water quality becomes bad, the impact scope is larger and more people are involved.Use water purifier buyers do not want to see.Therefore,the "product quality" and "durability" of commercial water purifier equipment is also a very important assessment index.

4.The number of drinking water in the field of commercial water purification is larger.Once the water quality safety problem occurs,the scope of the impact is more extensive and the responsibility involved is greater.Therefore, in the field of commercial water purification,the "water quality", "water yield" and durability of water purifier products have higher requirements.Commercial water purifiers can not only provide safe and clean drinking water to businesses and schools, but can potentially save businesses more than 50 percent of their costs in the long run.Enterprise installation of commercial water purifier can also improve the corporate image,show the enterprise's care for employees,enhance the loyalty of employees,is a good thing to kill multiple birds with one stone.Commercial straight drink machines are similar to home water purifiers,only in the amount of water they produce.The general commercial mobile water dispenser uses the central water purifier,which can not only solve the industrial water, but also solve the employees' daily drinking water,shower water and other domestic water problems.

Precautions for installation and maintenance of commercial straight water dispenser:

1.The choice of location:commercial water purifier is generally installed in business,public places, easy to access to water drinking points.The installation location of the commercial direct drinking machine shall be based on the original tap water pipeline.At the same time, it shall consider whether it is convenient to drink water,to discharge water,to use electricity,to maintain water, to freeze and crack in cold weather,to coordinate and look beautiful with the overall space,and to avoid children's touch.

2.Preparation of installation tools:For the installation of water purifier,it is generally necessary to drill holes with a hammer drill (6 or 8 points for the drill) or open holes (φ11-16mm for the hole opener) in order to fix the direct drinking machine or faucet;Raw tape can avoid joint leakage;Special glue to facilitate the connection of plastic joints;Phillips screwdrivers,flat-head screwdrivers,electric pens,wrenches,scissors,knives,and pipe pliers are common installation tools.

Installation process specification of Reverse osmosis commercial Straight drink machine:

1.Drill holes or fix the water purifier at the selected position.The hole should be smooth,the depth and the hole distance should be accurate,and the hole circumference should not have cracks or gaps or raw edges.

2.Connect with water supply pipe.Close the tap water main valve first,connect the water purifier,the interface should be wrapped with raw tape,do not leak.

3.Connect concentrated water discharge outlet.Pure water machine can put the sewage pipe directly into the sewage pipe,the port should leave a certain space,in order to avoid sewage pouring into the water purifier,to prevent the sewage outlet "siphon" phenomenon;If the sewage pipe of water purifier is directly put into the sewage pipe,a ball valve should be installed at the end of the sewage pipe,which can be opened at irregular time to play the role of sewage;The sewage pipe can also be directly connected to the original tap water.Sewage pipe and water purifier discharge outlet must be connected,can not leak.

4.Connect the purified water outlet with the purified faucet.If the flow is greater than 500 liters,can be directly used with 4 branch and universal faucet;If the flow rate is less than 500 liters,you can choose to connect the purified water outlet with a 4 to 2 connector,and connect it with the 2-part white PE pipe and the 2-part faucet.

5.Installation of the faucet:if you want to install the faucet on the sink,the stainless steel sink can be opened with a hole opener,if you want to fix the faucet on the wall,you can use the right Angle faucet hanging piece to fix the faucet on the wall.

6.Open the total inlet ball valve,debug the water purifier (see maintenance and maintenance for debugging steps),observe whether the joint leaks,the observation period is at least 2 hours,can put a clean dry towel under the water purifier,check whether there is water seepage phenomenon.In addition to the above,the installation of the water purifier needs to be horizontal and vertical,not shaking,the pipeline should be straightened,and the long-distance pipeline should be stabilized with professional nails.The whole should be beautiful.