Usage of the Hydrogen Inhalation Breathing Machine
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Usage of the Hydrogen Inhalation Breathing Machine

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I. InstallationHydrogen Inhalation Breathing Machine

1. Place the Hydrogen Inhalation Machine outdoors to prevent gas pollution, ensuring a flat and safe ground.

2. The machine is equipped with a power switch. During installation, check if the power switch is functioning properly.

3. Verify that the water tank is adequately filled and there are no leaks.

4. Ensure correct cable connection and secure grounding of the power supply.

5. Check the hydrogen pipeline for smooth flow and ensure proper exhaust pipeline installation.

6. After installation, inspect the equipment for stability and the control system for proper functioning.

II. Operation

1. Before powering on, check the grounding reliability of the Hydrogen Inhalation Machine, and verify the proper functioning of the gas analyzer, gas filter, and hydrogen furnace.

2. Prior to starting, inspect the water pipeline for normal condition, check for leaks, and ensure sufficient water in the water tank.

3. Power on the machine, follow the operation requirements, operate all switches and control systems, open the gas filter, and set an appropriate pressure.

4. Control the operation of the Hydrogen Inhalation Machine according to the operation requirements, and regularly inspect the condition of the gas analyzer.

5. When shutting down, close all control switches and disconnect the power.

6. Maintain cleanliness of the Hydrogen Inhalation Machine, regularly check all components, and perform necessary maintenance to ensure proper functioning.

III. Precautions

1. Keep the Nano Hydrogen Inhalation Machine away from open flames to prevent fires.

2. Ensure that all components are securely installed and the control system is in good condition.

3. Maintain a quiet environment while the Hydrogen Inhalation Machine is operating to prevent excessive noise.

4. Regularly inspect the control system to ensure the safe operation of the Nano Hydrogen Inhalation Machine.

5. Regularly check the hydrogen furnace and gas analyzer to ensure the quality of hydrogen absorption.