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Titanium anode used in sodium hypochlorite sterilizer

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Advantages of chlorine dioxide disinfection

The grid is expensive and undervalued. In recent years, when looking for new disinfectants to avoid the harmful effects caused by chlorine disinfection, the research and application of chlorine dioxide have been increasing. It was found that the chlorine dioxide disinfection method has the following advantages: 

(1) It can reduce the formation of chlorinated by-products such as trihalomethanes in water;

(2) When the ammonia content in the water is high, it does not react with ammonia, so its oxidation and disinfection effects are not affected;

(3) It can kill pathogenic microorganisms and viruses in the water;

(4) The disinfection effect is not affected by the pH of the water. Influence;

(5) After chlorine dioxide treatment, the residual chlorine in the water is stable and long-lasting, and the ability to prevent re-pollution is strong;

(6) Because of the strong oxidation effect, it can remove the color and taste in the water, and does not form chlorophenol odor with phenol;

(7) The removal effect of iron and manganese is better than that of chlorine.

Selection of anode

The principle of producing sodium hypochlorite by the electrode method is to use non-diaphragm electrolysis to generate sodium hypochlorite through a homogeneous secondary chemical reaction. The reaction principle of the anode is to electrolyze the sodium chloride (in the form of tablets) thrown into the swimming pool. During the electrolysis process, sodium hypochlorite is formed. The most suitable salt concentration is 3%-5%. The electrodes used in the sodium hypochlorite generator include plate electrodes and tube electrodes.MMO manufacturers - qinhuangwater

The anode material can be a coated mmo titanium electrode. The mixed oxide coated titanium anode has a long service life, the overpotential of this kind of coated titanium anode is also relatively low, the chlorine evolution current efficiency is high, and the energy saving effect is good.

Our company’s anodes are highly efficient and have a long service life. It can also be applied to the following special working conditions:

(1) Deoxidation process (such as pickling);

(2) High-speed electrolyte; 

(3) Conductive electrode.

In view of the above application conditions, the company has developed special anode products that are very suitable for use to achieve the effect of improving the efficiency of salt use and prolonging the life of the anode. The main products are as follows:

(1) Nail metal oxide coated titanium anode;

(2) Iridium platinum oxide coated titanium anode.

The role and importance of sodium hypochlorite disinfection

Swimming is a sport that integrates entertainment and fitness. Healthy, comfortable and safe swimming pool water quality will bring physical and mental enjoyment to swimming enthusiasts. As the human body inevitably produces a large amount of dirt and secretions during the immersion process of the swimming pool water, and various bacteria and pathogenic bacteria enter the water at the same time, the swimming pool water must be treated to kill bacteria harmful to the human body. , To ensure good transparency, provide a comfortable, tasteless, pollution-free healthy water quality. At present, the disinfection treatment of swimming pool water mainly includes chlorine disinfection method, chlorine dioxide method, ozone disinfection method, electrostatic disinfection and algae killing method, sulfuric acid Copper algae inhibition method.

Chlorine disinfection method, as a classic water treatment disinfection and sterilization method, has a history of more than 100 years because of its strong disinfection ability, low price, and wide range of sources, and it is still widely used. The bactericidal effect of chlorine is mainly due to its strong oxidizing properties and easy penetration of cell walls. The main factors affecting the disinfection effect of chlorine are the amount of chlorine added, contact time, pH, water temperature, turbidity, types of microorganisms in the water, and quantity.

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