The Ultimate Guide to Alkaline Water Pitcher
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The Ultimate Guide to Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Alkaline Water Pitcher

Industrial wastewater pollution, heavy metal pollution, pesticide pollution, in modern society, pollution has become a widespread concern of the whole society.Water pollution is no exception. At present, many places in China are suffering from water pollution, which seriously threatens the drinking water safety of daily residents.Drinking fresh and safe tap water has even become people's "extravagance".Although pollution control needs strong support from government policies, the quality of drinking water is directly related to everyone's vital interests and health and safety.Therefore, household water purification bottles have become a good thing for residents in daily life.So what brand of domestic water purification kettle is good? Here are some tips for choosing a water purification bottle.

It is said that if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first use his tools.First of all, let's take a look at the principle of the water purifier. Understanding the principle will help us choose a better water purifier.

Principle of filter element of water purification kettle: Alkaline Water Pitcher

1.The tap water stores water through the funnel.Under the action of natural gravity, the water slowly flows out of the filter element. In the process of flowing out, the water first contacts with the gauze in the filter element to isolate the macromolecular substances in the water.    

2.Then through activated carbon, the particles with different color and odor in the water are absorbed.

3.After softening the resin, the excess calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced.

4.After passing through Maifanshi, it releases trace elements beneficial to the body to enhance the activity of water.

5.After the activation ball, the macromolecular water will be converted into small molecular water.

6.The water will be converted into weakly alkaline water through the negative ion ball to improve the permeability and solubility of the water.

7.After passing through KDF, the residual chlorine and heavy metals in the water are filtered out.

8.Finally,the filtered water flows into the container through high-density PP cotton to complete the filtration.

After understanding the principle, let's take a look at some shopping skills:

First,the purchase of household water purification bottles must be approved by the national health department.

Second,good domestic water purification bottles are made of food-grade high-grade materials, and the materials should be durable and not easy to break, so that oil can be at ease.Third, the details of the domestic water purification kettle should be in place, the operation of the water purification nozzle should be convenient and labor-saving, the spout should be able to open automatically when pouring water, and the lid should be sealed to prevent the purified water from secondary pollution.Finally, the filter element is particularly important for a good domestic water purification kettle.Most of the good water purification bottles use imported high-quality filter materials, and the filter element is composite,which can effectively remove bacteria and microorganisms in the water, and retain minerals and trace elements.The author has interviewed some experts in the water purification industry, many of whom said that Philips has entered the field of water purification for many years, and has always pursued excellence in quality, technology, humanized design and other aspects.Through the filtration of imported activated carbon and ultrafiltration membrane, it can purify the sediment, chlorine and bacteria in tap water, and produce fresh and pure healthy water.The filter element should be completely soaked for 2 hours before use.

Watch the filtered water flow down from the middle of the filter element, fine and clear, and flow into the pot, which is a clear contrast with the pot.A funnel of water takes about 20 minutes to filter.It is written in the manual that the water filtered for the first three times cannot be drunk and should be poured out. "Every time you filter, you should tighten the filter element.Generally, the filter element should be changed for about one month.The shelf life of filtered water is only 24 hours.The filtered water should not be boiled many times,which will damage the quality of water.At the beginning, I didn't dare to drink.I felt uneasy. After drinking directly, I found that it was very sweet and better than the Leblanc at home,so I drink directly now.The color is very clear without impurities.Now many newly decorated families will install pipe-type water purification equipment, so this small water purification kettle is more suitable for those families who do not have the conditions to install pipe-type water purifiers or those who use less water.For example, people who rent houses have high flexibility, which is more economical and convenient than buying mineral water for a long time. It is used by rural families as a token of filial piety. Tourists can also


1.The filter element will not be tightened,and tap water will flow down directly,affecting the quality of water;

2.The small cover on the funnel is not pressed tightly,and it will fall down if it is tilted a little when pouring water;

3.The anti-slip rubber ring at the bottom of the water purification kettle soon fell off, and it is difficult to install it again;

4.And if you need to take it to fill the tap water every time, can you connect it directly to the faucet with a pipe.

5.Water will leak from the funnel, like sweat.

6.It takes 15 minutes to purify each funnel, which is relatively long.

7.The filter element leaks (do you want to make a rubber ring for test)

8.Date,manual, not easy to use. (Can we do it electronically)

9.When the filter element was newly unpacked, there was black powder on it, which felt a little unreliable.(Can this manufacturer require cleaning when leaving the factory?)

10.The sterilized one below is difficult to twist out.

11.I feel that the purified water does not have the taste of Yibao water.

12.The butt joint of the upper cover is easy to loosen, easy to install reversely, difficult to distinguish, and easy to drop.

13.The filter layer and the pot wall are not well fitted, and unfiltered water will directly seep down from the edge, so it needs to be filtered twice, which directly leads to shorter service life of the filter

14.The kettle is not marked with capacity,it is recommended to add scale

15.The water outlet of the kettle is easy to fall

16.The effect cannot be effectively identified, only by feeling

17.The kettle leaks, which affects the taste of water.

18.Poor appearance and workmanship


1.The Xingsha tap water has a strong smell of bleach powder, and the taste is also poor.It can not be drunk directly.It also has a smell when boiled. The filtered tap water has no peculiar smell and can be drunk directly.

2.The rice cooked with filtered water is more delicious, and the soup cooked is more delicious.

3.Compact,flexible and easy to use.

4.Low comprehensive use cost.

5.Direct drinking tastes slightly sweet.

6.The filtered water is used for cooking.It is very fragrant.

7.The water is clear after use.

8.No direct drink. It tastes good after boiling. It has a sweet taste.

9.The filter element has been replaced once, which is convenient to replace.

10.When it was opened for use, the water in the first three times was poured out according to the instructions.At the beginning of use, i found that there was a little toner under the water. There was no other problem.

11.The appearance is pretty, and it is light and doesn't take up space.It is also convenient to use.Unlike other household appliances, they have to be plugged in.

12.The filtered water tastes sweet,which is very different from the unfiltered water.

13.The rice was cooked with filtered water, which was more fragrant than that without filtered water,but the family didn't feel much.