The Structure and Function of The Water Electrolyzer
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The Structure and Function of The Water Electrolyzer

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Electrolysis of water is in a specific current frequency, through the cathode and anode electrolysis plate, on the basis of tap water, without adding any substances electrolysis process: through electric energy conversion, change the physical structure of water, due to water pollution and secondary pollution aggravation, each milliliter of water contains tens of thousands of substances, electrolysis itself is also a process of purifying water quality, in the ion membrane separation, separating minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body absorption; but also separating acid ions beneficial to daily water, such as: cleaning, Astringent skin, acidic blister foot sterilization and other functions. Simply put, electrolytic physics changes the pH and redox potential of water, and decomposes to produce O2 and H2. In general, chemical reactions that can increase free energy do not exist, because water generally cannot decompose to produce O2 and H2 in its natural state; but if a cathode and anode are added to the water and an electric current is applied, an electrolytic reaction can occur according to Faraday's law. The material of the anode is usually white gold or graphite that is not easily dissolvable. The redox reactions at the cathode and anode are as follows:

Cathode: 2H2O+2e- = 2OH- + H2 Reduced, alkaline ionized water.


Anode: H2O = 2H+ + 1/2O2 + 2e- with oxidized, acidic ionized water.


When hydrogen and oxygen are formed on the surface of the cathode and anode, the water around the electrode tends to be alkaline and acidic, and the redox potential changes. Insert between the two poles a porous semi-permeable membrane that can limit the transfer of water, or an anion and cation semi-permeable membrane that can selectively pass through the anion and cation, that is, alkaline water with high hydrogen and oxygen ion concentration from the cathode, the anode collects acidic water with high hydrogen ion concentration and oxidizing power, the name of electrolyzed water produced from the cathode and anode is not unified at present, electrolytic acid water is also called electrolytic oxidized water, electrolytic alkaline water is electrolytic reducing water, this article is called electrolytic alkaline water, electrolytic acid water for the sake of unity.

The Application Of Electrolyzed Water

1. Alkaline ionized water (pH=9-11):

According to our use of recommendations: mainly for raw drinking, hangover, brewing tea, coffee, mixing, brewing milk powder, cooking rice, cooking water, washing vegetables, plant watering, etc. All have obvious effects and improve the quality of water use.

There are medical institutions in Japan that provide patients with alkaline ionized water instead of general drinking water. Its stated efficacy includes the treatment of gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, diabetes, hypertension, and physical fitness. Some scholars in Taiwan have also pointed out that alkaline ionized water can eliminate free radicals4 in the human body (free radicals contain unstable unpaired electrons, too much can damage the body's lipids, and even eventually cause cell mutations to produce cancer).

In addition, NEC proposed in 1994 that the surface of the wafer should be cleaned and cut with alkaline ionized water, which can effectively remove dust particles and reduce the cost of chemical use and wastewater treatment than the ammonia used in general.

2. Acidic ionized water (pH=5-2.5):

Acid ionized water use: mainly used for cleaning, cleaning in the absence of grease and other substances is very clean; even on a rainy cloudy day, soaking clothes to dry, there is no peculiar smell. Brushing teeth, washing face, and soaking feet can play a role in sterilization and disinfection.

With the advancement of science and technology, in recent years, research and testing have found that because acidic electrolyzed water contains oxidation, it can oxidize the skin epidermis, help shed dead cells and renew the skin epidermis, and play a role in treating athlete's foot, scratches, etc. The main reason is that the positive potential contained is reduced under natural conditions, and the electrons to be obtained or seized will seize the electrons on the bacteria, attack the bacterial active enzyme, and lead to the death of the bacteria.

The Whole Structure of the ElectrolyzerAlkaline Water Ionizer

1. Filter device:

Filter barrel device structure: PP cotton + PP cotton + activated carbon + hollow fiber (0.01 micron) = direct drinking water standard.

In the past 30 years of reform and opening up, industrialization has developed rapidly, leaving behind many environmental problems, especially the different degrees of pollution in industrialized cities. The global environment is degrading, our water sources, large and small rivers have suffered different degrees of pollution; more than 200 rivers have been seriously polluted, as well as tap water treatment technology and transmission pipelines, water secondary pollution incidents are frequently reported. Fully explain: water source pollution and secondary pollution are further aggravated.

2. Electrolytic device structure

Electrolytic device: titanium platinum alloy electrolyzer + imported ion membrane + mold development + water quality control technology + electronic technology + high-tech testing instruments, etc.

High-tech products, specific current frequency setting, mold opening design, circuit board design and IC binding, selection of materials, unqualified materials elimination, imported ion membrane, titanium platinum alloy electrolytic cell device, etc.

The Pre-Filter Part

1) Primary filtration

PP cotton;

Using international standard 10 inch PP cotton, PP cotton is made of polymer material, the general gradient diameter process production, fiber in the thermal bonding process to form a three-dimensional microporous structure, microporous pore cap inside to outside gradient distribution, set surface, deep, coarse fine filtration as one, can intercept water micro mud, rust and other impurities, we call it coarse filtration, or physical filtration.

The replacement time of PP cotton is generally once every three to four months, depending on the regional water quality and water consumption. The specific replacement time is operated according to the local water quality and water consumption, and the filter element can be properly cleaned in the dirty place, and the inner ring barrel where the filter element is placed turns yellow or turns from yellow to black can be replaced.

2) Secondary filtration

coconut shell granule activated carbon sterilization core;

The coconut shell granular activated carbon sterilization filter element puts the required activated carbon particles into a special plastic shell, and the end cover is welded to both ends of the shell with welding equipment, and the two ends of the shell are put into the non-woven filter that plays a filtering role to ensure that the carbon core will not fall off the toner when used.

The function is to adsorb the heterochromic odor, chlorine odor, chemical toxins, chloroform and other compound organic matter in the water, and play a role in disinfection and sterilization. The replacement time is 5-6 months, please operate according to the local water quality and water consumption.

3) Three-stage filtration

Super strong molecular sieve filter element;

Molecular sieve, also known as bubble zeolite or zeolite, is a crystalline aluminosilicate, its crystal structure has regular and uniform pores, pore size is the order of molecular size, it only allows molecules with a diameter smaller than the pore size to enter, so the molecules in the mixture can be screened according to size. The resulting proteoglycan polymer is tortuously coiled to form a microporous sieve-like structure called a molecular sieve. The molecular sieve only allows substances smaller than its micropores to pass through, and has a barrier effect on macromolecular substances and bacteria larger than its micropores. The replacement time is 5-6 months, please operate according to the local water quality and water consumption.