The latest evidence that hypochlorous acid kills HPV virus
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The latest evidence that hypochlorous acid kills HPV virus

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HPV is the abbreviation of Human Papillomavirus, which is a genus of papillomavirus A of the family papovaviridae. It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by spherical DNA virus infection. The main types are HPV1, 2, 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33 and 35. Long-term infection of HPV16 and 18 may be related to cervical cancer in women.

The main infection areas of the virus are human epidermis and mucosal squamous epithelium, and more than 130 species have been isolated so far. The virus only invades humans and is not pathogenic to other animals. After regular systemic treatment, the virus will be cleared by the human body.

Hypochlorous acid kills HPV virus latest research

Recently, a research team from the University of Washington and Pennsylvania State School of Medicine studied the inactivation effect of hypochlorous acid on high-risk HPV. In this study, the sensitivity of HPV virus to disinfectants was investigated by treating with hypochlorous acid for two high-risk types of HPV16 and HPV18. The results showed that after 15s treatment with hypochlorous acid (HOCl), both high-risk viruses were inactivated and the virus titer was reduced by 4 orders of magnitude (ie >4 log10).

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Figure 1 Sensitivity of HPV virus to hypochlorous acid

During this process, the research team also used transmission electron microscopy to observe the morphological changes on the surface of virus particles before and after hypochlorous acid treatment, and found that the virus structure was significantly damaged after hypochlorous acid treatment for 15s, 2min, and 5min. At the same time, using SDS-PAGE technology to analyze the protein on the surface of HPV virus, it was found that after hypochlorous acid treatment, the residues on the HPV virus capsid protein were oxidatively modified, and the protein properties became extremely unstable in a short time.

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Figure 2 Structural changes of HPV virus under transmission electron microscope

(A: untreated; B: hypochlorous acid treatment for 15s; C: hypochlorous acid treatment for 2 minutes; D: hypochlorous acid treatment for 5 minutes)

Taken together, hypochlorous acid treatment contributes to the rapid inactivation of HPV virus.

Application of hypochlorous acid in HPV prevention and control

(1) Since hypochlorous acid is highly sensitive to HPV16 and 18, and is non-toxic to human physiological tissues and cells, it can be used in the treatment of infected wounds and wounds. It can not only effectively inactivate viruses, reduce infection, but also activate the body. Tissue immune and healing responses, accelerated recovery.

(2) In clinical and hospital environments, hypochlorous acid can be used to disinfect instruments, equipment, surfaces of daily necessities, and space environments that patients need to use daily to effectively prevent cross-infection.

(3) At the same time, hypochlorous acid can be used as a high-efficiency disinfectant for daily use, used for hand disinfection of patients and medical staff, and can effectively kill a variety of viruses and bacteria.

(4) In addition, in the hospital disinfection supply center, the use of hypochlorous acid to clean and disinfect medical equipment can effectively ensure the sterilization effect of sterile equipment.