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The hydrogen-rich water's principle and function

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Principle of hydrogen-rich water

The electrolytic hydrogen-rich water machine uses platinum (or ruthenium-iridium coating) and other precious metals as electrode materials, and applies direct current to electrolyze the water to produce hydrogen. Usually, the electrolyzed water machine is one of them. In the past few decades, electrolyzed water has been considered to have an auxiliary treatment effect for certain diseases. In Japan, electrolyzed water is approved and promoted by the national health management department. The previous theory believed that the medical effect of electrolyzed water was due to the weakly alkaline and small molecular cluster structure of the electrolyzed water. Since the discovery of the medical effect of hydrogen molecules, it is currently believed that the essence of the electrolytic water effect is also the hydrogen effect. There are two types of electrolytic hydrogen-rich water machines. One is directly connected to the tap water pipe and uses PP cotton, activated carbon and other filter elements to purify the water first, and then electrolyze it through an electrolytic cell. The other is to directly inject clean drinking water into the electrolysis device for electrolysis. , Pour out after a certain electrolysis time.spe hydrogen water bottle - qinhuangwater

Electrolysis of hydrogen-rich water machine's electrode is very important. Inferior electrodes are easily oxidized and the content of heavy metals in the water increases due to electrolysis. The hydrogen production of the electrolysis hydrogen-rich water machine is related to the electrode of the electrolyzed water, the electrolysis time, and the structure of the electrolytic cell.

The effect of hydrogen-rich water on the human body

Brain: Improve memory and concentration, discharge heavy metals, and prevent stroke.

Heart: The hydrogen-rich molecules carried generate bioelectricity to support the beating of the heart and increase the heart rate.

Kidney: Prevent kidney dehydration, electrolyte balance, regulate blood pressure, reduce uric acid and prevent kidney stones.

Small intestine: solve stomach problems, avoid constipation, colon detoxification and avoid colonic fermentation.

Blood vessels: Strengthen blood vessel walls, improve blood circulation, increase permeability, and expel existing atherosclerotic plaques.

The use of hydrogen-rich water in daily life

1) The family uses active water to soak rice and steam it. This kind of rice can keep the food fresh for a long time and make the rice taste more delicious.

2) Households use active water to wash vegetables and fruits, which can inhibit the growth of E. coli on vegetables and fruits for a long time, and effectively remove pesticides on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables. (Extend the storage period by more than 3 times)

3) Use in a humidifier to prevent and reduce allergic reactions. (Atopic dermatitis, asthma, pollen allergy)

4) Ionize the harmful chlorine of hypochlorous acid to make it harmless.

5) Decompose trihalomethane (carcinogen) to make it harmless.

6) Decompose carcinogenic substances and make them harmless. (Residual pesticides, chemical substances disturbing external secretion, etc.)

7) Decomposition of nitrate nitrogen, ionize harmful chloride and make it harmless. (Does not cause harm to organisms)

8) Dissolve the soluble lead in herbicide·CAT (C7H12C1N5)

9) Make asbestos harmless. (Physical test based on exercise physiology)

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