The central air-conditioning ventilation system
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The central air-conditioning ventilation system

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During the long-term operation of the central air-conditioning ventilation system, the humid environment inside the air duct is prone to breed various bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc., and careless cleaning and disinfection can easily cause indoor pollution and endanger human health. Therefore, in addition to normal cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of the central air-conditioning ventilation system is also very necessary. Especially during the epidemic of new coronary pneumonia, the sterilization and disinfection of central air conditioning is even more important.

Recently, Japan's "Construction Industry News" daily reported that a company called ダイダン (DAIDAN) has developed a commercial air conditioner sterilization system embedded in a vaporizing humidifier.

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Figure 1 Central air-conditioning unit (hypochlorous acid water generator in the red box on the right)

The air-conditioning system is equipped with a slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water generator, which replaces the tap water introduced in the humidification section of the system with slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water. When the air contacts the slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water, the microorganisms in the air are fully absorbed At the same time, it avoids the breeding of harmful microorganisms in the pipeline, and the purified air contains a certain amount of hypochlorous acid, which can inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms in the space.

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Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the operation of the equipment (the contact section between the hypochlorous acid water and the air is in the red box)

Comparing the air-conditioning system equipped with the slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water generator with the air-conditioning unit without the slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water, the number of colonies in the air was reduced by 99.7%, and the number of colonies attached to the ventilation ducts was reduced by 99.9% .

This air-conditioning sterilization system is mainly used in hospitals, welfare homes, pharmaceuticals, food factories, or office buildings with many unspecified personnel in and out of environments with stricter microbial control. After the revision of the Japanese Building Sanitation Law in 2003, the cases of embedding humidifiers in commercial air conditioners have been increasing. Especially in medical institutions, the introduction of vaporizing humidifiers can increase the humidity in the air and prevent cross-infection in the hospital. The introduction of slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water greatly reduces the problem of air pollution in the return air system and ensures the quality and safety of indoor air.

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