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Some questions about your interest

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1. What is hydrogen-rich water?

       Air usually can only pulverize water. The saturation concentration of air is 1.6ml under one atmosphere, and the solubility is slightly lower than that of oxygen.


2. Is the Air Force safe for the human body?

       The body is a large amount of powder produced by anaerobic metabolism in the flora, and the gas exhaled and eliminated by the human body only contains carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is very safe for humans.

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3. How is the air force absorbed by the human body?

       When hydrogen and oxygen meet, they combine to form water. Under normal circumstances, free radicals are hardly combined with other substances, and free radicals that float independently in the body will instantly combine into water when encountering hydrogen, and are eliminated from the body through urine or sweat.


4. What are the benefits of air to the human body?

       The biological value of fluoride is very extensive. The basic principle is that the gas phase eliminates harmful malignant free radicals in the body through selective antioxidant action, including hydroxyl free radicals and nitrite. The selective anti-oxidation effect is specifically manifested in beauty, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-radiation, anti-fatigue, anti-cell mutation, anti-cytotoxicity, metabolic regulation, immune regulation, and tissue repair.


5. What are the aspects of body oxidation?

       Oxidation is reflected in all aspects of human health, including skin problems, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, immune diseases, malignant tumors, and aging. Long-term drinking of hydrogen-rich water can improve skin tone, skin texture, lighten spots, age spots, etc. In Japan, fashionable women are the largest consumers of hydrogen-rich water.


6. Is there any other usage besides drinking hydrogen-rich water?

       Hydrogen can penetrate directly into the skin. The simple way is to apply a dry mask to the face with hydrogen-rich water before and after drinking. Long-term use has a very good anti-oxidant cosmetic effect; patients with chronic rhinitis can rinse the nasal cavity with hydrogen-rich water; dry eyes and cataracts Of patients can wash their eyes with hydrogen-rich water.


7. What are the anti-inflammatory effects of hydrogen?

       Long-term drinking of hydrogen-rich water can relieve chronic inflammation in the body, at the same time improve immunity, enhance disease resistance, and reduce symptoms of cold and fever. Including otitis media, gingivitis, chronic bronchitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, rheumatoid arthritis and so on.

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