Safely uses of Household Hydrogen Generator
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Safely uses of Household Hydrogen Generator

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Do you know the oxygen machine! In fact, the hydrogen absorption machine is similar to the oxygen machine, except that the hydrogen absorption machine produces a certain flow of pure hydrogen, while the oxygen absorption machine produces pure oxygen. We can obtain more than 99% hydrogen by electrolysis of pure water with a hydrogen absorption machine.The generated hydrogen is mixed with air and enters the human body during breathing, and then enters the human blood and all parts of the body through breathing exchange.Recently, there was a message from a hydrogen friend who wanted to let Xiaohydrogen explain the specific use of the hydrogen absorption machine! Today,taking the Nanobab hydrogen absorption machine 300ml as an example, Little Hydrogen summarized some common questions and answers during the use of hydrogen absorption machine,hoping to help you!

Q:Can I add water made by domestic water purifier in the water tank? Small hydrogen:There are a lot of people who have consulted on this question.I want to tell you that because the Nanobab hydrogen absorption machine uses high-end proton membrane hydrogen and oxygen separation,it needs to use pure water to produce hydrogen, which is very high in terms of hydrogen production efficiency and purity.Therefore, the water added in the water tank needs to use qualified purified water. Household Hydrogen Generator

Here we recommend Yibao.Drinking Purified Water,Wahaha.Drinking Purified Water,Watsons.Distilled Water, etc.,which can be purchased in offline supermarkets or online e-commerce platforms.In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment,we should not directly put tap water or water made by domestic water purifiers and some commercially available mineral water.

Q:Is there any requirement for the water quality in the humidification bottle? Small hydrogen: there is no obvious requirement, and cooling boiled water or drinking water can be added during use. 

Q:What is the error alarm when starting? Small hydrogen: when it is used for the first time or not used for a long time, due to the drying of the internal components of the equipment,it may not be able to conduct sufficient electrolytic reaction,and E2 error alarm may appear when starting.Don't worry too much at this time.Under the condition of ensuring that the pure water is added, the equipment should be placed for a while (about 10~30 minutes) to soak the inside of the module, and then it can be used normally.

Q:How should nasal oxygen tube be used? Small hydrogen:We know that the bifurcated end of the nasal oxygen tube is placed in two nostrils,and the other end is connected to the hydrogen outlet on the humidification bottle. When using,we first insert the nasal oxygen tube at the interface end of the humidification bottle, and then install the humidification bottle on the hydrogen absorption machine equipment to avoid the excessive external force at the connection caused by the insertion of the humidification bottle connected to the body into the nasal oxygen tube.In addition, in order to keep clean and sanitary,the nasal oxygen tube should be cleaned and maintained regularly after use.

Q:How does the pure water tank heat when it is used? Small hydrogen:In the process of hydrogen production by the hydrogen absorption machine, the operation of the electrolytic tank will cause heat,and the water temperature in the pure water tank will rise. This is a normal phenomenon. Don't worry too much.This product ensures safety by taking a series of measures to solve the heat dissipation problem of the hydrogen absorption machine.

1.The hydrogen production tank acts as a water cooler to prevent the electrolytic cell from overheating.

2.It is equipped with an intelligent cooling and exhaust system,two intelligent safety fans,and the exhaust efficiency is 30L/min.Even if there is hydrogen leaking into the chassis at a flow rate of 300ml/min, the dilution of the exhaust fan can quickly ensure that the hydrogen concentration in the internal space of the machine is lower than the combustion and explosion zone, and ensure the safety of the internal environment.

3.The machine has the function of monitoring the fan.When the fan fails, the machine stops running immediately, and the safety is further guaranteed.

4.The humidifying bottle is equipped with a one-way valve.The gas can only pass one-way from the machine to the end of the nasal oxygen tube.When the machine is stopped, it can prevent the external air from flowing back,further increasing the safety.Through the combination of the above technologies, the safety of this product is guaranteed,and you can use it at ease.Small hydrogen is here to remind you:in order to make your use convenient and use the hydrogen absorption machine more reasonable and efficient, you must carefully read the instructions before use, and use them in strict accordance with the instructions and precautions.

The following points need special attention:

1.Please do not open the pure water tank cover when the machine is working.

2.Do not move the machine when it is in operation to prevent the water in the water tank from leaking out.

3.When the water in the humidifying bottle is more than 1cm below the low water mark during use, please stop using and replenish the water.

4.If it is not used for more than 40 days,it is recommended that you drain the residual water in the pure water tank and add new pure water.I hope you can see that the above contents can be used correctly and safely. Through direct hydrogen breathing, you can fill your body with a large number of hydrogen molecules in a short time, and improve your antioxidant capacity.