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RO pure water purifier technology's origin

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Principle of reverse osmosis ion membrane

cheap RO water purifier-qinhuangwaterRO reverse osmosis pure water machine originated from American space technology and was introduced to my country in the 1990s. Reverse Osmosis (original Reverse Osmosis) is a membrane separation technology that relies on reverse osmosis membrane to separate the solvent from the solute in the solution under pressure. 

Reverse osmosis is to apply a pressure greater than natural osmotic pressure to salty water (such as raw water), so that the water penetrates from the higher concentration to the lower concentration, and separates the water molecules in the raw water from other substances. Because the micropores on the reverse osmosis membrane are extremely small, the pores are only 0.001μ, which is a few thousandths of the volume of bacteria and viruses. 

The water prepared by this technology is pure water, does not contain any minerals and trace elements, and even the urine can be directly drunk after filtering through it. The speed of water passing through the reverse osmosis membrane is extremely low, so the treated water volume is small (4 tons of raw water = 1 ton of drinking water + 3 tons of wastewater).

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