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Reverse osmosis purified water machine

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What is reverse osmosis water purifier?

Reverse osmosis is a process that uses a pressure higher than the osmotic pressure as a driving force, and uses the selective permeability of a selective membrane that only permeates water but not solutes to separate water molecules and solutes from the water body.

The reverse osmosis water purifier is a machine that mainly uses the principle of reverse osmosis for water treatment. The conductivity of ordinary tap water after RO membrane filtration is 5μs/cm (the effluent conductivity after RO membrane filtration = the inlet water conductivity × the salt removal rate. Generally, the salt rejection rate of imported reverse osmosis membranes can reach more than 99%, and it will run within 5 years. It can guarantee more than 97%. For those with relatively high requirements for effluent conductivity, level 2 reverse osmosis can be used, and after simple treatment, the water conductivity can be less than 1μs/cm), which meets the third-level water standard of the national laboratory. After circulating and filtering through an atomic-grade ion exchange column, the effluent resistivity can reach 18.2M.cm, which exceeds the national laboratory water standard (GB682-92).RO Water Purification machine price - qinhuangwater

The reverse osmosis water purifier is a device that integrates microfiltration, adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilization, ultrapurification and other technologies to directly convert tap water into ultrapure water. The core element of reverse osmosis water purification unit, reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. Compared with bottled water, the purified water produced by the reverse osmosis pure water mechanism is fresher, more hygienic and safer, and it has a wide range of uses. A thin film that is selective to the substance that passes through becomes a semi-permeable membrane. Generally, membranes that can only penetrate solvents but not solutes are regarded as ideal semi-reverse osmosis water purifier membranes.

Reverse osmosis water purifier mainly uses reverse osmosis membrane technology

Its working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the water to make water molecules and ionic mineral elements pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, and most of the inorganic salts (including heavy metals) dissolved in the water, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. are impenetrable. Pass the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the permeated pure water and the impermeable concentrated water are strictly separated;

The pore size on the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001 microns, while the diameter of viruses is generally 0.02-0.4 microns, and the diameter of ordinary bacteria is 0.4-1 microns, so you can rest assured that you can drink the clear spring from the pure water machine.

According to the usage, it can be divided into manual type (also economical type) and automatic type. The difference is only in the backwashing of water purifiers. Economical water purifiers use manual backwashing valves. At the same time, the water purifier is divided into cabinet-top type and cabinet-under type according to the characteristics of use, and the functions are the same.

According to the style used, it is also divided into split type and integrated type. The split type has a relatively large area and the water storage bucket and the body are separated; the integrated type refers to the main unit and the water storage bucket together, which occupies a small area, is good for cleaning, and has a beautiful appearance. Generous. There can be different choices according to the actual situation of different users.

A reverse osmosis water purifier generally requires five levels of filtration:

The first level is a PP cotton filter element, the second level is a pre-particulate carbon filter element, the third level is a compressed activated carbon filter element, the fourth level is a core RO reverse osmosis membrane filter element, and the fifth level is a rear activated carbon (small T33). Generally speaking, the five-stage filter setting is more reasonable.

PP cotton filter

The 5 micron pore size filter element removes all kinds of tiny impurities such as residual sand, rust, etc. in the water

Front granular carbon filter

Multi-purpose essence, coal, nut shell (core) and other carbonaceous substances are made by chemical or physical activation methods. It has a lot of micropores and specific surface area, so it has a strong adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb organic pollutants in water. In addition, during the activation process, some oxygen-containing functional groups are formed on the non-crystalline parts of the activated carbon surface. These groups make the activated carbon have chemical adsorption and catalytic oxidation and reduction properties, and can effectively remove some metal ions in the water.

Compressed activated carbon filter

Further remove the residual chlorine, peculiar smell, and solid impurities in the water.

RO reverse osmosis membrane filter

The most effective removal of calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, metal ions and radioactive substances in the water, the crystal clear, sweet and glycoly purified by this device. The water filtered by the RO membrane does not contain harmful substances to the body. It preserves the minerals that are beneficial to the body. Long-term drinking of the water purified by the RO filter will not cause side effects on the body.

Rear activated carbon (small T33)

Can better improve the taste of water.

The reverse osmosis water purifier can not only get rid of impurities, rust, colloids, bacteria, viruses, but also can get rid of radioactive particles, organics, fluorescent substances, pesticides that are harmful to the human body, and can also get rid of the annoying water alkali and heavy metals. Ensure that you do not have alkali when you boil the water, and at the same time ensure the health of your family.

The use of reverse osmosis water purification can cook, cook soup, make tea, and make coffee, ensuring the original juice, original flavor, and fully decomposing the nutrients in the food, which is more suitable for the human body to absorb. Using pure water in a humidifier or a beauty device that needs water can ensure that there is no water and alkali, and better protect your home. Use water purification machine water, crystal clear and translucent, without impurities.

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