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Reverse osmosis hydrogen water generator

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1.  Counter top RO Hydrogen Water Generator - with a simple clean look, it can be used at anywhere simply by plugging in (Office, Home and Meeting room). Use high capacity raw water tank which can hold 5 liters of water.

2.  Easy Operation - No need to connect to water pipes. Fetch water from your tap and instantly generate purified water, hydrogen water and hot water by pressing the buttons gently

3.  Compact exterior design - space-saving

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4.  Elegant & solid CCD touch control panel, simple to operate

5.  Four levels functional design to meet your various water needs - Pure water, Hydrogen rich water, SO"C Hydrogen rich water and 70掳C Hydrogen rich water.

6.  Using high quality RO reverse osmosis filtration system. With triple high-precision filtration and 0.0001-micron efficient filtration. Remove impurities, heavy metals, bacteria and microorganisms in water improve the taste and make drinking water safe and healthier

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7.  High-tech electrolysis technology works with Titanium with Platinum coating plates, and applied with Japan imported ionic membrane Electrolying the filtered pure water at high frequency to produce hydrogen-rich water with antioxidant and health care functions

8.  High thermal efficiency of 3 seconds fast heating technology

9.  Built-in TDS monitoring. Remind to change filters by indicator light

10.  Easy to change the filters, no professional is required to install


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