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Qinhuang voice type water ionizer EHM-729

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EHM-729 type water electrolysis machine parameter

Product name: Qinhuang voice type water ionizer

Product model: EHM-729

Rated voltage: AC 110v-240v 60Hz/50Hz (switching power supply design)

Rated power: MAX-210W

Standby power: 1.5Walkaline hydrogen water machine price - qinhuangwater

PH value: Five plates and four slots PH 3.5-10.5

O.R.P value: +600mv- -500mv(MAX)

Applicable TDS range: 50-1200PPM

Use water pressure range: 0.10-0.4MPA

Use environment humidity: ≤90%

Electrolysis cell/electrolysis area: Five plates and four cells/320cm2

Electrolyzer material: Japanese high-tech precision sintered titanium white alloy electrolyzer with imported ion membrane

Electrolyzer cleaning method: After alkaline water is used, it will be automatically cleaned for about 10 seconds. Multi-stage setting according to the water quality, strengthened notification cleaning 30-90L

Display mode: 3.8 inch colorful LCD display

Display content: alkaline, acid, water purification, cleaning, filter element life, flow, temperature, time, water production dynamics, PH, ORP, electrolysis indicator, electrolysis zone

Electrolysis stalls: Four stages for alkaline water, one stage for purifying water, two stages for acidic water

Control method: Microcomputer control

Electrolysis method: Continuous pulse DC electrolysis

Safety protection device: Overcurrent protection

Continuous electrolysis time: ≤30 minutes

Filter element material: fiber carbon fine filter element

Filter element life: can be set to 3000L-12000L to replace according to different water quality (about 3-12 months)

Host size: net weight 285mm * 170mm * 110mm/4.5KG

Packing size: gross weight 270mm * 165mm * 330mm/8.0KG

Features of EHM-729 type water electrolysis machine:

EHM-729 type water electrolysis machine can be applied to water quality and power environment all over the world. It has a generous appearance, dynamic liquid crystal display, glass touch screen, and good electrolysis effect.

1. 3.8-inch color LCD, large digital display, realize man-machine dialogue, convenient for middle-aged and elderly people to use.

2. Automatic detection and display of water flow, filter element life, pH value, ORP value, real-time monitoring of the state of the water machine, to help users choose the right water for easy use;

3. Adopting high-efficiency power supply system, suitable for power supply voltages all over the world, low power consumption, high efficiency, constant current and constant voltage output, to ensure more stable, more adequate, and more power-saving treatment water quality, and automatically enter the green state when standby (Power saving mode).

4. CDC touch technology, beautiful and durable, super touch function, intuitive and easy to operate, just one touch, elegant life is more exciting and beautiful;

5. Microcomputer automatically controls electrolysis, suitable for various water quality TDS=50~1000ppm;

6. Built-in filter element filtration system, real-time display of filter element use status, improve water quality, and use water more safely.

7. Automatic electrode cleaning function to prevent scaling;

8. The stainless steel coiled pipe imported from Japan will never rust; the water outlet position can be changed at will, which is convenient for users to use.

9. Japanese ion-exchange membrane, titanium platinum electrolytic plate, high-efficiency electrolysis, long working life;

10. The built-in temperature protection system prevents the machine from entering the hot water at excessively high temperature and ensures the safety of the machine.

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