Portable Multifunctional Hydrogen Generating Machine
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Portable Multifunctional Hydrogen Generating Machine

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What is a hydrogen water generator?

Hydrogen water generators are small machines that produce hydrogen-infused water through a process called electrolysis.The process is accomplished when electricity is used to separate the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atoms in the water molecules.Expensive hydrogen water generators don't work as one expects,so buying ready-to-drink hydrogen water bags is the best option.While the idea of using hydrogen water generators is appealing, their use often leads to follow-up problems.This product is not a medical device. Always follow your doctor's medical advice.


  • Hydrogen purity 99.99%. Portable Hydrogen Generator

  • Smart indicator.

  • Safety setting.

  • Timing setting.

  • Low water indicating.

  • TDS smart detection.

  • Suitable for all people.

  • SPE Technology.

  • Hydrogen flow rate:150ml per minute.

  • Low noise.


Step 1: Open the water input lid, fill in pure water (please make sure to use pure water or distilled water with TDS < 5 ppm).

Step 2: For initial use, please make sure the water is full.  

Step 3: Connect the power supply and inhalation tube to the machine.

Step 4: Press the front power button to start the machine.

Note: There is a pressure-holding valve in the hydrogen outlet. When the inhalation tube is unplugged during operation, the machine will sound a “beep”. There is no sound after the inhalation tube is inserted. Do not cover the hydrogen outlet during use.


  • Press the ON/OFF button once to start the machine. It will work for 1 hour and stop automatically.

  • During the machine’s working, if press the ON/OFF button once, the working timing is set to 2 hours; press twice, the working timing is set to 3 hours;

 press three times, the machine stops.When the machine is working, you can stop the machine by pressing the ON/OFF button and hold for 3 seconds.

To ensure the normal operation of the device, please use distilled water or pure water with TDS < 5 ppm.

  • Do not fill tap water into the machine.

  • Do not fill domestic purified water into the machine.

  • Do not fill mineral water or natural water into the machine.

Failures caused by using improper water sources are not covered by the warranty.


Product Name

Portable Multifunctional Hydrogen Generating Machine

Model No.




Net Weight



Hydrogen Generating

Hydrogen Purity


Water Tank Volume


Input Voltage


Rating Power


Hydrogen Output Rate




Possible Reasons


Machine failed to start

1.The power supply cord is not properly plugged.

2. The ON/OFF button is not pressed.

  1. 1.Make sure the   power supply cord plug and the socket are connected properly.

  2. 2. Press the   ON/OFF button when the power is on.

No hydrogen comes out

  1. 1. Low water   level.

  2. 2. The inhalation   tube is not connected properly.

  3. 3. The gas-water   separator inside does not work properly.

  1. 1. Add pure water   up to the maximum water line.

  2. 2. Connect the inhalation   tube properly, avoid tangling and folding.

  3. 3. Please contact   the after-sales center.

The indicator is on.

  1. 1. Low Water Level (the red light flashes slowly).

  2. 2. High TDS (the red light and blue light flash alternately).

  3. 3. The machine tilts (the red light flashes quickly and the buzzer beeps).

  4. 4.The   machine enters the cleaning mode (the red light is always on).

  1. 1. Add pure water.

  2. 2. Drain the water   and replace with pure water or distilled water.

  3. 3. Place the machine   a stable position.

  4. 4.Turn off the   machine and restart.

Some water goes out from the hydrogen outlet

  1. 1. The machine   worked for too long time continuously.

  2. 2. The gas-water   separator inside does not work properly.

1.Please turn off the  machine till its temperature return to normal, then turn it on again.

2.Please contact the after-sales center.


  • When the machine works for more than 1 week, it is recommended to drain out the water fully and replace with new water.

  • When the machine won’t be used for over 1 week or during transportation, please drain the water completely.

  • When the water quality is poor, output hydrogen may reduce, and the pipe may be blocked by the scale. It will result the machine’s service life shorter. Please use recommended water.


  • Please keep the machine out of the reach of children.

  • Do not disassemble, repair or modify the machine by yourself. If you need to repair it, please contact your dealer for help.

  • Do not put the machine in water or expose it to rain.

  • Do not put any object blocking the cooling port.

  • Do not put any water other than pure water or distilled water (TDS<5) into the pure water tank.

  • Do not touch the interior of pure water tank.


  • Warranty period exceeded.

  • Failures caused by improper installation, operation, maintenance, collision, modification, and disassembling unauthorized by the manufacturer.

  • The user lost the purchase voucher. Failures or damages caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, fire, flood, lightning strike, etc.