Performance Testing and Features of Electrolyzed Water Machine
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Performance Testing and Features of Electrolyzed Water Machine

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Electrolyzed Water Machine Features:

1. Electrolysis Plate Replacement Time:

The lifespan of the electrolysis chamber is 5000-8000 hours, assuming it is used for half an hour daily (2 liters of water can be produced every minute, totaling 60 liters of water). This means it can be used for 20-30 years without worrying about replacing the electrolysis plates.

2. Purification Function:

Yes, the principle of the electrolyzed water machine is purification before electrolysis. There is an integrated filter inside the machine. In Japan, due to the excellent water quality, tap water can be consumed directly, but in mainland China, it is essential to ensure complete purification of tap water before consumption. We responsibly provide all customers with a five-stage water purification system! The built-in filter inside the machine, along with the additional five-stage filtration we provide, makes it a total of six stages.

3. Two Types of Electrolyzed Water: LV500 and LV800

- LV500: The electrolysis chamber has a lifespan of 6000 hours, assuming it is used for half an hour daily (2 liters of water can be produced every minute, totaling 60 liters of water). It can be used for 20-30 years, with 7 levels and a maximum negative potential of -650mV.

- LV800: The electrolysis chamber has a lifespan of 8000 hours, assuming it is used for half an hour daily (2 liters of water can be produced every minute, totaling 60 liters of water). It can be used for 30-40 years, with 6 levels and a maximum negative potential of -800mV.

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Uses of Electrolyzed Water:

1. Removing fishy odor when stewing meat or cooking fish.

2. Suitable for long-term consumption, with a refreshing and mellow taste, strong dissolving and permeating capabilities, promoting metabolism.

3. Cooking rice makes it fragrant, glossy, and less prone to spoilage, while tea becomes less astringent, and the color is clearer. Coffee brewed with it is more aromatic and delicious.

4. Start with a gradual adaptation period when using for the first time. Once adapted, you can incorporate it into your daily consumption.

5. Excellent for preparing milk and taking medications.

6. External use: When used for face washing, it has a toning effect and can enhance your beauty.

7. Cleaning kitchen utensils: It has a sterilizing and disinfecting effect.

Long-term consumption of electrolyzed water is harmless. Just like the water in areas known for longevity, people in such regions drink it daily, use it for cooking, washing vegetables, and making soup to achieve the health benefits of longevity. Therefore, long-term and consistent use is effective. Electrolyzed water has been used for over 70 years in Japan, and it was designated as a medical device by the Japanese Ministry of Health (similar to the Ministry of Health in China) in the 1960s for clinical applications. Electrolyzed water was developed using high-tech methods based on the characteristics of water in longevity regions, both in practice and theory.

Electrolyzed water is active water, and it is recommended for consumption. It can be slightly heated in cold weather, but it should not exceed 36 degrees Celsius, and should not go over 80 degrees Celsius. When electrolyzed water is boiled, its potential increases, and its oxygen content decreases, which reduces its health benefits, but it can still be consumed. The activity of electrolyzed water diminishes as its temperature rises when used to cook soup. However, electrolyzed water is composed of small water clusters, which can enhance the flavor of soup, maintain the green color of vegetables, and improve the taste of the soup while reducing cooking time.

Difference Between Electrolyzed Water and Pure Water

The main characteristic of pure water is its purity, which means it doesn't contain harmful substances or beneficial minerals for the human body. Occasionally drinking it is not harmful, but using it as your primary drinking water for an extended period is not conducive to health, especially for the elderly and children. This is because a significant portion of the minerals and trace elements in the human body come from water. Alkaline electrolyzed water, on the other hand, starts with purification and then undergoes mineralization and electrolysis to become functional water. It is not only clean but also has health benefits.

After storing electrolyzed water for some time, white sediment may form. This is due to the fact that minerals like Ca2+ and Mg2+ in alkaline electrolyzed water are in ionic form and do not contain corresponding anion ions. These minerals are very active and easily absorbed by the body. However, when stored in the air for an extended period, Ca2+ and Mg2+ can combine with CO2 in the air to form stable white precipitates, which are the main components of calcium supplements and are not harmful to the human body. To prevent this issue, it is recommended to drink alkaline electrolyzed water immediately or use a sealed water dispenser for heating.

Electrolyzed water is active water, and it is best when fresh. Its shelf life depends on storage conditions. In open conditions at room temperature, its activity can be maintained for approximately 24 hours. In dark and sealed conditions, it can be maintained for around 48 hours. If electrolyzed water is kept in a sealed, dark, and refrigerated environment, it can be stored for 30 to 40 days with minimal changes in its characteristic.

Performance Testing Experiments:

1. Experiment on Brewing Tea with Cold Water:

Experiment: Do you believe cold water can brew tea? Alkaline electrolyzed water can! Prepare 1/3 cup of coarse tea (the cheapest and least refined tea leaves), three cups of water: one with tap water, one with alkaline electrolyzed water, and one with RO purified water. Put the tea leaves into the water and gently shake for a minute.

Observation: Alkaline electrolyzed water, due to its small water clusters, has fine, active, smooth, and easily absorbed water molecules with strong penetration ability. Drinking it can promote intestinal peristalsis for those with constipation. Small water clusters are easily absorbed by the body, facilitating the quicker metabolism of dead cell waste.

2. pH Value Test of Electrolyzed Water:

Experiment: Take different water samples and add an equal amount of pH testing solution (provided randomly), observe the color change, and compare it with the pH value color chart.

Observation: Electrolyzed water is rich in OH- hydroxide ions, making it weakly alkaline, while tap water is typically neutral or weakly acidic, and RO purified water is weakly acidic. Weakly alkaline water is beneficial for health, as it can neutralize internal acidity, with effects such as alleviating hangovers, detoxifying, and improving unhealthy acidic body conditions.

3. Detoxification Experiment with Electrolyzed Water:

Experiment: Take different water samples and place them in separate cups. Add ten drops of iodine tincture to each, stir with a glass rod, and observe the color changes.

Observation: The orange-yellow color of iodine tincture will not disappear in tap water and RO purified water, but it will completely disappear in electrolyzed water. Iodine tincture is an oxidizing agent with disinfecting properties. Its disappearance in electrolyzed water indicates