Notes before selecting water purifier
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Notes before selecting water purifier

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The structure of domestic water purifier includes coarse filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resin, hollow fiber and reverse osmosis membrane.The following aspects should be considered when purchasing an ideal and practical water purifier:

1.Whether there is a product hygiene license approval.

Users must recognize the importance of product quality when purchasing water purifiers.Provisions on the sanitary supervision and administration of drinking water; It has obtained the hygiene license from the superior health supervision department, and has been identified by the technical supervision department to meet the national Standard for Drinking Water Quality.

2.Choosing the right filter element is crucial. water purifier

The first generation of water purifier is mainly filtered by activated carbon and ceramics, which is easy to breed bacteria and pollute the water source, and can not achieve the effect of clean water source;The second generation water purifier uses a variety of artificial polymer membrane filtration, which has a significant effect on the removal of harmful substances in water, but its fatal defect is that it filters out trace elements beneficial to the body.The third generation of water purifier uses nano-crystal filter technology, which well solves the defects of the second generation of water purifier and filters out harmful substances and heavy metals in water. So when you choose a water purifier, you must ask about the filter technology and filter material used to see if it meets your use needs.

3.Whether there is safe and effective sterilization technology.

There are two ways to sterilize the water purification equipment.One is to add disinfectant, which can kill some bacteria, but the disinfectant contains a small amount of chemical ingredients harmful to human health;The second is ultraviolet sterilization, which is one of the most effective sterilization technologies internationally recognized.Because ultraviolet sterilization is safe and efficient, it can quickly kill almost all bacteria; In addition,ultraviolet sterilization uses physical principles to sterilize without any chemical agent and will not have side effects on human body.

4.Whether there is a perfect after-sales service system.

Many consumers can't find the repair service telephone number or the address of the repair service company after purchasing some brands.This situation makes consumers very helpless and also causes a waste of resources.Many water purifiers become furnishings; After-sales of water purifier mainly focuses on the replacement of filter element.If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, it will pollute the water source, and the water purifier will also become a "sewage filter".When selecting the water purifier, we must choose perfect after-sales service, such as using the customer service system to track customer information and prompt customers and the company to replace the filter element.

5.Choose those with high performance-price ratio.

1.Different water purifiers have different water purification effects.Generally speaking, the primary filtration water purifier has a simple structure and is mainly made of activated carbon. Its filtration capacity is limited, and it can only be used for coarse filtration.The filtered water is best heated and boiled for drinking. Most of the water purifiers for primary filtration belong to low-grade water purification products, and the price of each set is between 10 yuan and 150 yuan.

2.Multi-stage filtration water purifier.This water purifier has two stages of coarse filtration and one group of fine filtration, and the fine filtration mostly adopts hollow fiber filter element, so the filtered water can be directly drunk.The multi-stage filter water purifier is a middle-grade water purification product, with the price of each set between 300 yuan and 500 yuan, which can be accepted by the working class and used by families more.

Mistake 1:The more filter elements, the better.

Mistake 2:Only look at the brand without considering professionalism.

Many well-known brands belong to businesses that operate a variety of household appliances.Their goal is to meet the ordinary living needs of the low and middle end market, and can only produce low-grade ordinary water purification equipment.The complexity of domestic water purification, especially direct drinking water, requires a professional research and development team, so we should try to choose the brand of water purification equipment made by professional water purification enterprises, which will not only guarantee the technical quality, but also provide you with more professional services.

Mistake 3:activated carbon filtration technology is outdated.

Not so.Activated carbon is the best filtration and adsorption material in nature.Almost all water purifiers use activated carbon.If activated carbon is not used, the taste of the effluent will be reduced no matter how high the filtration accuracy is claimed.There are three kinds of activated carbon: granular, powder and activated carbon rod.The first two are low cost, but the filtration is often incomplete.The latter is a safer choice, which can achieve 100% complete filtration.

Mistake 4:The filter element can not be changed for a long time.

In fact, the clogging filter element is a good filter element, which also shows that the water purifier is really effective.It is often exaggerated to claim that the filter element will not be changed for 3-5 years on the market. Don't be too cheap.The water purifier is still the demand of people who pursue high-end quality of life in China. Generally speaking, the effect will be relatively better if the price is high.In addition, the service life and water purification of high-quality filter elements will be better, and the price will rise naturally.But the overall calculation is still cost-effective.