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electrolyzed water machine manufacturers

These are related to the electrolyzed water machine manufacturers news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in electrolyzed water machine manufacturers and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand electrolyzed water machine manufacturers market.
  • Slightly acidic electrolyzed water's introduction and application

    Acidic electrolyzed water is an emerging new type of disinfectant. It is electrolyzed water with disinfection and sterilization function obtained by electrolyzing salt or dilute hydrochloric acid in a special device. According to the difference of pH and effective chlorine concentration, it can be divided into strong acid electrolyzed water and slightly acid electrolyzed water.

  • Filling line for bottled hypochlorous acid disinfection water production

    Due to the continuation of the epidemic, the new crown pneumonia has spread globally for a long time, causing great harm and loss to people all over the world. Every citizen should raise their own safety awareness, disinfect them in time every day, and do a good job of sanitation.

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