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Large capacity industrial acid water electrolytic cell

These articles are all highly relevant Large capacity industrial acid water electrolytic cell. I believe this information can help you understand Large capacity industrial acid water electrolytic cell's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Acidic electrolyzed water is effective in killing African swine fever virus

    Acidic electrolyzed water has a strong killing effect on African swine fever virus and can be used for disinfection of livestock and poultry farms. At the same time, we recommend that when using acidic electrolyzed water as a biological control measure for livestock and poultry farms, the presence of organic matter should be minimized.

  • Which application scenarios need to focus on chloride ion residuals?

    Surgical instrument cleaning and disinfection: the relationship between chlorine content in water and pitting corrosion. The 2016 10th Anniversary Edition of "Instrument Preservation Cleaning and Disinfection Treatment" pointed out that the chlorine content at room temperature is less than about 120

  • Acidic electrolyzed water basic knowledge

    In electrolyzers with or without diaphragm, electrolysis of sodium chloride and/or hydrochloric acid aqueous solution produces an acidic aqueous solution (pH<7) with hypochlorous acid as the main sterilizing component. Among them, the pH of acidic oxidation potential water (strongly acidic electroly

  • Acid electrolysis water/hypochlorous acid water could kill animal viruses

    With the increase of breeding farms, the development of the breeding industry has entered a stage of development, but due to the development, intensification, and growth of breeding farms, the high level of breeding farms has been increasing, and these pathogens have grown under appropriate conditio

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